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YouTube Beauty Blogger Kaushal Gets The Most Romantic Proposal At The Burj Al Arab!

YouTube beauty blogger Kaushal got engaged to long time beau Vex King.

Photo Source: Anushka Eranga Photography

Who are they?

Kaushal, who goes just by her first name, is of Indian origin but is born and raised in England. Vex King is a creative entrepreneur. He is a writer and mind coach, and also has his own brand of positivity bracelets called Bon Vita.

Photo Source: Instagram

How they met?

They both lived in the same town in England, and met through some common friends. Kaushal caught Vex’s attention from the very first glimpse and was very intrigued, and that’s how he knew she was the one.

How he proposed?

Photo Source: Instagram

The proposal was nothing short of a dramatic scene. Vex went through great lengths to set the premise for the proposal. In order to make sure the proposal was a complete surprise, he convinced Kaushal that getting married right away wasn’t a good idea. Next step in the plan was to take her on a holiday, and what better than our very own Dubai. He chose one of the most iconic landmarks here, Burj Al Arab. They stayed at Jumeirah Beach Hotel so that they could get the best possible view of the Burj Al Arab. The final touch of this masterpiece was to get her to the venue. He went to extensive lengths to convince her that they had been invited to a (fake) private party by the hotel; he even went ahead and printed an invite (with permissions, of course). Once all that was in place, the only thing left to do was to pop the question.

And, of course, she screamed out a huge ‘Yes’!!

Here’s wishing them all the best for an even more beautiful wedding!

Submitted by: Vandna Lilaramani

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