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Your bedroom as Mr. & Mrs.!

For each couple, the wedding day is the most significant day in their lives. Hence, it has to be perfect and there is no room for errors. What the couple needs to focus on is the bedroom on their first day as Mr. and Mrs. Here are a few bedroom décor ideas to make your first night mesmerizing and beautiful.

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  • Theme:

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The theme is crucial, mainly because no matter how beautifully you have decorated your room, if you have messed up the colors, nothing will look attractive and appealing.

Everything needs to be color-coded properly – pick any two hues and beautify your room in those colors rather than experimenting with various color combinations. Bed sheets, drapes, lights and each element must all be in sync.

  • Candles, of course!

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Nothing can give your room a more romantic and mesmerizing effect than candles. They are an inexpensive and effortless way to achieve that special look. There are tons of amazing brands out there offering scented candles that will calm and soothe your senses. Lighting the room up with some candles, especially along your bedside, will definitely add a contemporary yet romantic feel to your wedding night!

  • Add In Some Funky Ornaments:

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If your wedding is planned for the holiday season, when Christmas is just around the corner, then you can include some decorative and fancy ornaments. You can hang them with your lamp, curtains or grace your bedside tables with them. They will look beautiful and also celebratory.

  • Chocolates Make Everything Sweet:

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Chocolates are a symbol of celebration. If your significant other happens to be a chocoholic, then nothing will make her feel more special and loved than a box of chocolates. You can add some balloons and put some beautifully packaged and cutely shaped chocolate boxes in between.

  • Add Roses:

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Roses are the best way to express love and appreciation to your loved one. Add several roses to your room decor by scattering the path to the bedroom with rose petals. This will add a royal touch to the ambience and the scent of the roses will be very comforting and lovely. You can also spread rose petals all over your bed sheet and pillows.

In the end, what matters the most is that whatever you do, do it with love and care!


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