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Yohan & Benafsha's Wedding in Vancouver, Canada

From being poles apart to 'No one can keep them apart', Yohan and Benafsha's adventurous love story turned into a beautiful marriage in Vancouver, Canada.

How we met:

The First Meeting: 2003-2005

When we first met and gazed into each other’s eyes, sparks ignited within our hearts and we fell in love instantly (a total Shakespearean moment)…Just Kidding!

Well, that is actually how Yohan remembers feeling when he saw me (Benafsha) for the first time  in 2005. On the other hand, I remember seeing him much before 2005, in around 2003. Since neither of us truly know when we first met, we have agreed to disagree on this topic. 


The Friendship Phase: 2007 – 2009

Facebook has a dated record of our first online conversation in 2007, which became the starting point of our memorable friendship. We had a lot of fun going for dinners, attending social events, summer picnics and multiple summer camping trips with family and friends. We really enjoyed being together and grew very close. However, even though we both liked each other, neither of us were able to admit it.


The Love Story: 14.02.2010

Right before Valentine’s Day in 2010, Yohan worked up the courage to ask me to be his Valentine and I happily agreed. Cupid’s arrow had struck our hearts and that’s when we starting dating. We soon came to realize that we were complete opposites in a lot of aspects and were far from compatible. Our differences made our relationship challenging at first, but also added the much needed balance and excitement. What we had in common was our mutual love and the willingness to work together to make each other happy. We also shared a strong passion for eating and enjoyed trying various foods and drinks, which resulted in countless fun dinner dates and Facebook check-ins. Additionally, we also enjoyed going on trips, hiking, long drives (Richmond to Burnaby), watching movies, and texting each other all day long. 


The Proposal: 30.03.2013

Yohan planned the surprise proposal, which took place on a scenic cliff beach in Washington State Park, in beautiful Anacortes, during the annual Easter long weekend trip. I was reluctantly and unsuspectingly led down the steep cliff by our common friends. He was there, ready to get down on one knee with a ring, to ask me to marry him. He finally asked and I said YES! What made the proposal really special was having our close family and friends around us to witness the event. It was followed by a surprise after-party planned by Arzan, Farzad, Kazmin & Nazneen (Thank You!).

the proposal

sunset after the proposal


Wedding Planning:

The wedding planning process was a lot of fun. Every detail was decided by both of us mutually, but it was my mother who served as our biggest support in planning and coordinating the events. Many of the ideas were researched from the internet or Pinterest. We wanted a very simple wedding, and to add a personalized touch to it, we tried tons of DIY art projects.













Feelings on the Big Day:

The wedding day was one of the most memorable days of our lives. I was really nervous about everything going according to the plan. Of course, many things didn’t go as planned but it was still the most perfect day and exactly what we wanted it to be. Our favorite part was seeing each other for the first time and reciting our vows at the ring ceremony, while being married off by one of our closest friends.







Wedding Shopping:

The religious items, traditional wedding wear for bride (saree) and groom (Parsi dagli) were purchased from India by the parents. Most of the other things were purchased by us locally or online. A lot of the décor was designed and handmade by us. Shopping went smooth, if we could find what we were looking for, but turned out to be stressful if we couldn’t!




Schedule of Events and Outfits worn on each function:

Our Shower theme was based on the popular saying “Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue”, so everyone wore blue. We skipped the traditional bridal shower and made it a combined event instead. Our wedding theme colors were fuchsia, green and gold. During Parsi weddings in India, dinner is served on banana leaves, so we borrowed that concept and used banana leaf table placemats. The bridesmaids and groomsmen wore fuchsia pink dresses and ties. The rest of the décor was all personalized to fit our theme colors and concepts.



Haldi Event/Dinner at Bride’s/Groom’s House – Maternal Grandmother’s Saree
“Something Blue” Couple’s Shower – Royal Blue Hi Lo Dress
Parsi Wedding Ceremony – Parsi Dagli & Ivory Gold Saree
Reception – Suit & White Wedding Gown


Wedding Venues:

We wanted a small and intimate venue that showcased nature, greenery and had a water feature. We also wanted something unique that no one we knew had selected before and was close to home. We checked many venues but as soon as we walked into this place (Riverway Clubhouse), we both knew it was perfect for our wedding.


Performers and Performances:

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen surprised us with a video of messages from all our friends and family.
Traditional Indian solo dance performed by Bride’s Uncle – Zoobin Surty (Zoobin Surty Company in UK)
Bride and Groom performed their first dance, also choreographed by Zoobin Surty.


Few words on the photographer, videographer, hair/make-up artist, bartender and DJ:

Each and every one of our vendors was excellent and helped make our day as special as it was. We love our photos and videos, and the DJ was our favorite.



Advice for to-be-weds:

Just remember to make your marriage even more beautiful than your wedding.


Photography/Videography: Pear Tree Photography
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Pavi Dosanjh (Mink Hair & Makeup)
Wedding Cake:
 Confections by Christine
DJ’s: Mike Oulton (AC DJ Vancouver)

Photo Courtesy: Pear Tree Photography