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Yash & Jasmine's Proposal in Dubai, UAE

Yash’s version:

If there is one thing my friends know about me, it would have to be the fact that since childhood, I’ve had a fixation with Harry Potter books. So when last year I learnt that the 8th book of the series would be releasing, I was ecstatic. I had, in fact, even pre-ordered my copy. Come 31 st  July 2016, I reached Virgin Megastore with my friend and we eagerly waited in line for the book’s launch. Little did I know that I would meet my to-be wife in the queue. My friend and I struck a conversation with Jasmine and her friend, and bonded over our love for Harry Potter. The same evening we all added each other on Facebook, but barely kept in touch. Earlier this year, we bumped into each other at City Center and just exchanged pleasantries. Right after our rendezvous, she took the first step and messaged me on Facebook. Although I was in a movie at the time, I was looking forward to reach home and message her back properly. Things just fell into place after that, where we learnt that we are quiet alike through our endless conversations (we literally had to force ourselves to sleep to end the conversation)! Within a week or so, we started dating and our parents were on board from the word go. It still astounds me how our paths crossed, just a few seconds here or there and maybe we would have never met.

The Proposal:

Although our Roka was planned for the 13th of August, I knew I had to go down on one knee and ask her to be mine. It had to be at an Italian restaurant (since she loves Italian) and had to have a Burj Khalifa view. Roberto’s was an easy choice to make; her best friend Kruti helped me select that place and was constantly on stand-by for when I popped the question. It so happened that I had this whole speech prepared, but couldn’t get through it, and she said ‘Yes!’ even before I could complete it. She is everything I could have ever hoped for, and more! A partner in crime, in its truest sense. I don’t think I could get any luckier and it still astonishes me at times, that how could someone that amazing choose to be with me.

Jasmine’s version:

Yash and I met each other at the Harry Potter book launch in Virgin Megastore last year. We both were in a queue with our friends and he made a comment on the event, to which my friend responded, after which we all became engaged in conversation. Thereafter, we became friends on Facebook. I later remembered him as the sweet boy who got us girls chocolates in the middle of the night! We bumped into each other again earlier this year and, noticing that Yash had always liked my pictures, I initiated a chat! He was pleasantly surprised and asked for a date to give
me some books to read. I always joked that I’d meet ‘the one’ in a library and we actually met while buying books! Till date, we’ve gifted each other so many Harry Potter related merchandise given our origin, that we’ve had to put a conscious stop to it! It almost feels like the universe conspired to bring us together given that we crossed paths twice and could’ve missed each other by seconds. We gradually fell in love over the long phone calls and dates and soon broke this news to our parents.

The Proposal:

Our Roka had been fixed by our parents for 13 th August. Yash wanted to take me for a date to Roberto’s DIFC for our last dinner as boyfriend/girlfriend. I was quite excited, as we were finally free from all the preparations that evening. During dinner, he popped the box out and I was stunned. He had asked my best friend about my dream proposal and she had mentioned the Burj Khalifa view was my favorite in Dubai. He went down on one knee first, and then on both knees, to give me the sweetest proposal I could’ve ever imagined. He has everything that I’d hoped for in my life partner. His endearing smile and calm composure is the most relaxing part of my day. I’m so grateful that he is the one I will be sharing my life with.