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Why book a Pre-Wedding Shoot?!

Since marriage is a start of a beautiful journey, it’s essential to get rid of the pre-wedding jitters a couple goes through, and spend some quality time with each other. A pre-wedding shoot manages to do just that, and so much more! Here are the top 8 reasons on why you should be booking one right away!

prewedding shoot dubai the wedding script blog

Photo Source: Oragraphy

  1. Beautiful Images For Wall Art:

Photo Source: ESD Life & Shutterfly

Imagine displaying beautiful images which are a symbol of your love at your Reception. You can also put them up on your walls back home later on.

  1.  Useful for Signature Guestbooks:

guestbook the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Nikkimayday Photography

The latest trend is to add one or two of your best shots in the Save-The-Date cards or the signature guestbooks. Not only will this look cute, but will also add a personalized touch.

  1. Getting Past The Camera Nerves:

pooja studio dubai the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Pooja Studio

A pre-wedding photoshoot will help you get acquainted with your photographer’s style. This understanding will help you gain an insight on how the photographer is going to direct you to get the best of shots. You will definitely end up feeling comfortable and confident on your wedding day, which will, in turn, reflect in your pictures.

  1. Enrich Your Wedding Album:

engagement session albums sizes

Photo Source: Turn Loose The Art

Your wedding album will hold the best of the remains of your biggest night of your life. A photo from your pre-wedding shoot is easily one of the best ways to start your wedding album.

  1. Use Pictures in the Reception Slideshow:

reception-projector-slideshow the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Luster Studios

The Reception is the best time to put on a show and rock it with some really awesome pictures. Give your wedding a sensational touch by playing a slideshow of your memorable moments.

  1. Advantage Of Getting Pictures Clicked In A Different Location:

prewedding shoot the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: CoolBluez Photography

Your fairytale wedding look can now come true, as you can choose to get your pictures clicked in a palace or iconic fort.

  1. Guiding The Photographer:

Photo Source: Miss Malini

This is the time you set up a really good tuning with your photographer. He will know your preferences and which poses and shots you like and dislike. This will help him know what you are expecting from him.

  1. Hair And Makeup Trials:

Photo Source: Edwin Tan Photography

This is actually the best part, as you’ll get to decide which look you could opt for your Big Day. You will also know how it’ll be displayed in professional photos, which will help your stylist analyse what looks the best on you.

Submitted by: Neha Manghnani

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