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Who Doesn’t Love The Idea Of A Beach Wedding!?

Want to have a wedding that is more than just white colors, wedding gowns, and flowers, but are apprehensive about wedding themes and don’t want your wedding to end up looking like a birthday party? Well, there is a way to host a unique wedding ceremony, without opting for a ‘Disney’ theme: a beach wedding. This is a theme that is flexible enough to be fancy and elegant, or more romantic and casual – or both if you’re as indecisive as me ;). In addition, there are a lot of elements that you can play with, like colors, décor, interesting ideas and much more!

Photo Source: Tide The Knot Beach Weddings

So scroll on for some ideas for a perfect beach wedding!

  • Ditch the shoes!

Photo Source: Suncoast Weddings & Wedding Include

Ditch the heels and fancy shoes. After all, it’s a beach!

A: No one wants to get sand in their shoes

B: No one will admit it, but everyone would rather get out of their tight, uncomfortable shoes, and let their toes feel the soft sand.

  • Ring placements

Photo Source: Pinterest

Don’t want to have a mini attack when you realize you don’t know where your ring is?

This adorable starfish makes for the perfect ring holder, so you know exactly where it is when it’s time to slip it onto your future husband’s finger.

  • DIY

Photo Source: Wedding Include

These little candleholders not only fit the beach theme perfectly, but are so much more creative than plain candles to light up tables. Plus, making them can be a fun DIY session with your bridesmaids and serve as a good break from all the pre-wedding stress.

  • Refreshments

Photo Source: Pinterest

Is there anything cooler than a boat to keep your drinks cool? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

  • Photo or Note Display

Photo Source: The Knot

If using a boat as a cooler isn’t your thing, make it stand, attach pieces of cardboard across the width, and hang pictures of you and the groom on it. Another option is to place a table with a paper and a pen on it so that guests can write their well-wishes and hang the pieces of paper up.

  • Lights

Photo Source: Wedding Include

Make your beach wedding oh-so dreamy by lighting it up with plenty of lanterns. As the wedding day transforms into a relaxed evening party, the lanterns will create a lovely romantic, cozy atmosphere, where you can finally hold your husband’s hand and dance the night away.

  • Other Décor

Photo Source: The Knot

Take a look at the following ideas: Nautical themed menu – attach it to blue and white napkins with tweed; Pretty placeholders in blue and white; Incorporate anchors as décor or as sign holders.

There are a plethora of ways to keep the beach theme going. Just ensure you sprinkle the place with wheels, anchors, sea shells, boats, stripes and blue and white colors, and your beach wedding is complete!

Submitted by: Tanvi Chadha

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