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Welcome to the Wedding Script

Hello everyone!

Welcome to The Wedding Script – an online wedding portal for all your wedding needs. The purpose of this website is to provide to-be-weds with some real wedding inspiration and ideas, and provide information on UAE-based vendors, DIY trends and cultural tidbits to aid couples with the wedding planning process.

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Weddings have a way of opening our hearts and uplifting our spirits. They celebrate a moment in time when two people are sure of one thing in this ever-changing life: LOVE.

However, planning a wedding is one daunting task. Imagine if you’re getting married and you have no idea what ‘wedding colours’ means, you don’t have a Pinterest account, and the thought of center pieces makes your head hurt! What do you do then?

With this in mind, Divya and Namrata Manghnani based in Dubai have launched an online portal, named The Wedding Script, that features both brides and vendors in the UAE wedding industry. We aim to assist couples plan their Big Day without stressing over whom to hire, from where, and whether the vendor is reliable or not.

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Couples will find a Vendor Directory on our portal that will guide them through all the information they need – from Spa packages for the bride to Caterers that become responsible for feeding your loved ones with the best of buffets. Couples can peruse the details provided to determine relevant accessories, decide on immaculate wedding invitations, discover the best entertainment and dining options, and get in touch with event planning consultants to choose the right style and theme for their Big Day.

Real Weddings

You will also find Real Weddings being featured on our website because what’s better than first-hand information, right? And who knows, your ‘dream dress’ might be hiding amidst a couple’s wedding celebration!

Inspiration Board

From rustic and vintage to modern and unique, clients can browse our Inspiration Board featuring wedding color ideas, themes, and more. And hey, if you seem to go overboard with all that ‘inspiration’, keep calm and focus on what is have-worthy! Make love and your loved ones the priority, and just go with the flow.


We will be featuring Q&A’s with top industry experts from the wedding industry, hence making it easier for our clients to get an insight on how various vendors work.


Our Blog will serve as a companion to all your wedding ‘wows’! It’ll be dedicated to all the do’s and don’ts and tips and tricks when it comes to weddings, including budgeting techniques, tips for the bride and groom, wedding planning ideas, how to deal with all the stress, and events we’ve been invited to, etc. We aim to become UAE’s first Wedding Blogging Hub, wherein we invite bloggers from various fields to write pieces which are related to weddings – Fitness bloggers can write about how a bride-to-be can stay fit or Food bloggers can submit posts on how to maintain or lose all that fat before your Big Day, etc.

We will try our best to bring to you unique ideas and help you through all the information we post, but if you feel something has been missed out or would simply like to share ideas or information related to weddings with our readers, we would love to hear from you!

Here’s hoping our passion for weddings continues to grow and the celebration of Love becomes a less stressful endeavour, with The Wedding Script!

Lots of love and positive vibes,

The Scriptwriters

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