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Wedding Venue Selection Tips!

A major part of the wedding planning revolves around the venue, and hence selecting it requires a lot of thought and effort. Here are some tips to help you narrow down the most apt location for your Big Day!

  1. Capacity

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A guest list should be prepared that will give a relatively fair idea of the capacity required at the venue. Further, keep some additional provision in case of other activities such as dances, photo-booths, presentations, food set up, etc.

  1. Budget

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Money matters should be kept in mind while short-listing venues. This is affected by various factors like capacity, location, date (weekends are usually more expensive than weekdays), food menu, audio/visual equipments, entertainment, valet arrangements, wedding cake, and any other additional services and/or special permissions that may be required. Evaluate the packages of different hotels before making the final decision.

  1. Wedding Theme

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The venue often influences the wedding theme. If the theme is more bright and casual, then it is best to identify the interiors and lighting that match the same. Similarly, this is important with more formal and classic themes. Also you need to check the flexibility of the venue, if there are any other customized themes/decoration that can be adapted to it, by discussing in detail with the banquet manager.

  1. Photo Reviews

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A good way to identify a decent venue is to take pictures, and also discuss with your event photographers. This would give a fair idea about how the pictures turn out in the whole setting, including portrait/photo-shoot locations, lightings, etc. Also, try to review photographs of other people who have held weddings in the venue before. After all, what are left in memory are the pictures!

  1. Logistics

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It is important to check the feasibility of various logistics, too. The venue should be easy to locate by most guests as well as the vendors. Further, transportation arrangements should be considered to move in-house guests. Traffic and availability of parking spaces should also be investigated. Of course, the logistics would be easier (but may be more expensive) if you offer guests to stay at the same venue (in case of destination weddings, for example).

  1. Book the Date

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As much as finding the right venue is important, it is also imperative to book it on time, ideally much in advance. This is because most good venues are highly demanded and may not be available if you delay the decision. Further, booking the date in advance also helps ensure that other dependent plans are executed on time, such as decorations, food menu, wedding invitations and any special permissions.

  1. Food

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Since no wedding is complete without delicious food, it goes without saying that this is one of the most important factors. Check for reviews (online and offline) about the food served at the venue. Further, also ensure to discuss and book an advance food tasting session, where a mock table presentation and selected items from the food menu are served. It is a good opportunity meet the chef and discuss any changes/improvements you would like to make to any of the dishes on the Big Day.

  1. Contract Finalization

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Once all the elements are considered and discussed in detail with the hotel, it is important to ensure all the points are covered in writing on the contract. This helps ensure clarity on all aspects of the event related to the venue, so there are no confusions later on.

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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