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Wedding Gift Etiquette

A wedding is a beautiful life event, where loved ones come together to enjoy the merriness of the occasion. It’s a big day for those two hearts that are coming together, and tying the knot in a promise of becoming each other’s strength forever. It’s the time to create some wonderful memories which will be cherished till the very end.

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Wedding gifts assist in making those memories count for the couple. The question remains: How much money should be spent on those gifts? Well, there is NO right amount, as it depends on a number of factors. You are invited to a wedding for your presence and not your money. Yet, you’ll think of investing a considerable amount of thought and money as a guest.

Small gifts or Honeymoon contributions

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If the person is close to you, then you can think of contributing a larger amount towards their wedding/ honeymoon gift. But if you’re attending an acquaintance’s marriage, then a small gift costing around AED 250 should be okay. Do keep in mind that sometimes overly-generous gifts can make the hosts feel awkward. But in the end, it all depends on your relationship with the host.

The cost of having you there

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Many people go by the rule of gifting the couple an amount equivalent to the cost they must have borne to have them there. That seems logical, as gifting money has slowly become a norm over the years. It serves as the best gift, especially if you are unaware of the couple’s taste, and would prefer them to decide how to spend that money. If you are traveling abroad for the wedding, then the obligation on you is typically reduced.

What you can afford

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You should always gift according to what you can reasonably afford. If the couple is a good friend they will understand, or else you were invited only for the gift. Considering that the world has become a lot more materialistic, gifting a token of goodwill should work.

Handmade Gifts

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If you have been struggling for money but you still want to make a considerate gesture, then handmade gifts can be of some help. They usually cost next to nothing yet, are very heartfelt. These are also those types of gifts that the couple can hopefully keep forever. Works best for weddings where the invitation explicitly states that the couple is not accepting any gifts.

Gift Lists

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The main change the West has seen in wedding gift etiquette has been the introduction of gift lists and honeymoon funds. There are people who find it rude to be so specific about what they’d like as a wedding gift. On the other hand, it is of great help for the guests, specifically if they are unaware of the couple’s taste.

Hence, a lot of things are to be kept in mind before giving someone the perfect gift on their special day. The amount you spend on them varies hugely on the relationship you share with the host and your budget. More importantly, gifts are a token of love or a simple consideration; it’s better not to materialize it and just keep it simple.

Submitted by: Neha Manghnani

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