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Take your Wedding into Account!

Your wedding is quite possibly the most costly event of your life. Whether you’ve decided on a lavish wedding or keeping it in the family, having a budget and following your budget is key in every wedding. There have been “small” weddings in the past that have turned into unnecessarily expensive ones due to lack of expense management. Vice versa, there have been lavish weddings that have managed to stay within their budgets and sometimes even remain under their budget. So, which kind of a person are you? (…. hopefully the latter)

Terramundi Money Pot - Wedding Fund

You could be spending a fortune on your wedding, but that doesn’t mean you should. Learn to prioritize your needs and be resourceful. You could still have elements of your fantasy wedding, regardless of your budget.

First and foremost, finalize a realistic and tangible figure for your budget. Gather all the sources that will finance your wedding (salary, family, bank loan etc.) Saving money has never been so important, so learn to be stingy and retrieve all the money others owe you. If possible, set up a wedding savings account and deposit a percentage of your paycheck each time. This way, you don’t spend that money and the account can be used solely for your wedding expenses.

Do your research before purchasing anything you’ve never bought before. Gather information and pricing from different sources/vendors and decide which matches best with your taste and budget. If you’re hiring a planner, don’t blindly follow their quotes. Do your research and negotiate. If your vendor is charging a high rate, understand why so. It might be because they are highly in demand or simply provide better quality. Similarly, understand why a vendor is charging you a low rate (compromised quality, lack of experience, seasonal vendor etc). Don’t be hesitant to ask your vendor if there are any ways to cut down on costs while still maintaining the quality and quantity of the service.

Don’t pressurize yourself just because some of your guests expect your wedding to be a global event. At the end of the day, regardless of how big of a spectacle your wedding is, you will always manage to disappoint a few guests and that is completely normal. The idea is for you to make the most of your special day; everything else should be secondary.

Lots of love and positive vibes,

Shekhar The Scriptwriter

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