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Vishal & Sabina's Proposal in Dubai, UAE

Vishal’s version:

Sabina and I went to college together – Symbiosis in Pune – and by the time our last year came to an end, we became really good friends. We stayed in touch via Skype and texts after college. After that, we met straight at our convocation and that’s when we hit it off. Our Skype sessions became longer and I grew really fond of her. After a few months, we began dating and met in Delhi for the first time as a couple and it was exciting as well as nerve-racking. I still remember spilling a drink on myself out of nervousness! But deep down, it just felt special and, even though we were in a long distance relationship, everything just seemed worth holding onto.

The Proposal:

I went to Dubai to meet Sabina after our roka in August 2017. I always knew that she loves the idea of a proposal and finds them very romantic and that’s when I decided to surprise her. I shared my idea and intention of proposal with Maryam (her bestie) and we both went and bought the ring we thought she would like. Since I didn’t know a lot about dinner places in Dubai, Maryam helped me pick Pai Thai (Thai restaurant and Sabina’s favourite cuisine). After our dinner, she excused herself and went to the washroom and that’s when I handed over my phone to a guy sitting right next to our table and told him about my plans and he agreed to take pictures and videos of that moment. As soon as she came back, I recited a nice little speech and went down on my knees and proposed to her. She looked completely surprised and wasn’t expecting any of it! She looked happy, embarrassed, nervous and surprised all at the same time. People started clapping, hooting and congratulating us and turned it into the best night of our lives. That entire proposal seemed like a dream come true and we genuinely couldn’t have asked for a greater night.

Sabina’s version:

We both went to college together and started dating only after college got over. We always had a very comfortable relation (as great friends through college) and built our relationship over Skype! It all kicked off after our convocation trip, but nevertheless Symbiosis, Pune (where we did our college) will always be very special to us. We started our relationship on Skype and met for the first time after that in Delhi. He was so nervous, which was cute to look at. He got me flowers and a bottle of my favourite drink – red wine! These cute gestures made our first meeting, after being in a relationship for 2 months, exciting and extremely touching for me.

The Proposal:

I honestly was not expecting the proposal at all. We live in different cities and our roka was already decided by our families, which happened in July, and he visited me in Dubai only in August. Vishal hates being cheesy and I honestly thought he wouldn’t propose to me because he had officially got a ‘Yes’ from my family. He made reservations at a Thai restaurant – Pai Thai (he hates Thai food), and picked out an outfit from my closet for me to wear. He was making our date night very classy and cheesy. He wore trousers and a shirt (he hates wearing formal clothes), and he was just making it sound like a nice date night all throughout. We went to the restaurant and had a nice meal, drinks, and dessert. I could see he was forcing food down his throat… hahahaha. I went to the washroom and came back and then, all of a sudden, he was on his knees! My face turned red. I was embarrassed, surprised, happy, excited – I had multiple feelings. People all around us were hooting and congratulating us and I felt on top of the world! The table next to us took our pictures and videos and helped us gather those memories! It was the man, the place, and peoples’  reactions that made it a memory and, of course, the beautiful ring that he had picked out for me!