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Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma Taking Vows Together Is Just Adorable And Is Giving Us Major Couple Goals!

One of the cutest celebrity couples, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, have a huge set of fans eagerly waiting for any plans of them tying the knot. Thus when they exchanged vows in public, it was no shock that they had fans swooning over them.

No, our favorite couple didn’t confirm any secret weddings unfortunately.

Manyavar and Mohey presented the perfect Diwali gift to Kohli and Anushka’s fans with their latest ad that had them exchanging vows.

The video shows Virushka, a name fans call them by, at a wedding, trying to figure out what vows the bride and groom are exchanging. In the mood for some fun, the couple begins to play bride and groom and make up their own romantically silly vows.

Virat promises that he will cook for fifteen days in a month to which Anushka says she will eat it without complaining about its taste. She promises to keep all his secrets password protected and in turn the cricketer says he will never dare to change her and will accept her as she is.

With a glimpse of their fun and casual side, Anushka says she will allow Virat to win a carrom game occasionally, while Virat promises he will never watch a season finale of any TV show without her. The cricketer also commits to staying fit forever only for her, to which Anushka turns and holds him, replying in the cutest way that even if he won’t, it wouldn’t bother her. The actress then asks him to promise to never call her cheesy couple names like Baby, Shona, etc.

The nation’s heartbeat collectively stopped at the end of the ad, however, when the adorable couple looked straight into each other’s eyes with no sign of mischief, and promised to always take care of each other. With the intense love between them visible in that moment even through our screens, we are left dazed, wondering when the reel life events will turn into real life.

Submitted by: Tanvi Chadha

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