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Unique Ways to Pop the Question!

If you have found your soulmate and are finding ways to propose to that special someone, then you’ve reached the right page. This blog is all about how you can propose to your significant other and make sure that they say YES!

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  • Picnic under the Stars

Photo Source: Proposal Boutique

For an intimate proposal, plan a picnic under the stars with roses, gifts and champagne ready and all your pictures scattered around, reminding each other of the wonderful memories you created over the months/ years.

  •  His/Her favorite Book or Author 

Photo Source: The Proposers

Hide the ring in a book by their favorite author and surprise them.

  • A Walk down Memory Lane

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Make a picture collage or a picture diary with all the wonderful times you guys have had or remind them what you love about them and then pop the question towards the end, as that would be totally unexpected. If you’re planning to propose to your loved one this Valentine’s, I’m sure you will end up with a ‘Yes!’ in the end.

  • An Intimate yet Grand Celebration

Photo Source: The Knot

Plan the date at a place you both met (maybe for the first time), while involving both the families before popping the question. Make it a grand celebration!

  •  Over a game of Scrabble

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For couples who love this game, you can propose to your significant other over a round of Scrabble by hiding the ring in the pouch containing the letters.

  • Take the Help of an Expert

Photo Source: The Heart Bandits

I didn’t know you could actually do this, but you can always take an expert’s help for planning your proposal, especially if you feel you might not be able to do it by yourself. There are companies that offer different packages and focus on giving a personalized touch to your proposal. It will cater to all your needs and make this a truly memorable day for you and your better half.

Don’t forget to hire a photographer who will catch each and every candid moment while you’re proposing. I hope this helps you propose to the love of your life and gets you to your ‘happily ever after’ sooner.

Until next time.

Submitted by: Anooshah Valyani

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