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Unique & New Decor Ideas!

With the wedding season soon approaching, everyone is hunting for new ideas to make their functions unique. Adding a personal touch to the whole wedding experience has become so important, not just for the guests but for the bride and groom as well. This blog post explores ideas to make your wedding a different one.

Outdoor wedding

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Decorating with fairy lights and candles or lanterns has always been a good idea and has never gone out of style, and must definitely be considered for an outdoor wedding.

Your Story

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I love DIY pallet collages. They’ll look great on your Big Day, and telling people your journey of how you first met through pictures will be beautiful. This can be made at home, thus giving it a more personal touch, and you can then take it to your new home as a memory.

Guest Globe

Who knew a simple globe could be used as a guestbook. This one’s for the globetrotter couple who has friends from all around the world: ditch the big fat heavy guestbook and use a globe instead; let your guests fill in their wishes and remind you of how you first met them.

Photo Booth

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Photo booths have been so popular, be it for the wedding day or any other function. It helps create wedding memories for all the guests attending the wedding as well as for the bride and groom. So, ditch the old Instagram frame cut out as your photo booth and bring a different feel to it, depending on the theme of your function of course.

Extravagant Entrance

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Entrances to the wedding can also differ. You can go for a simple yet elegant entrance with candles or spot lights and minimal décor, or go all out with flowers and vibrant colors.

Food Station

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Scrap the old boring buffet and present it in a fun unique way allowing the guests to mingle and making it more casual rather than formal.

Until next time.

Submitted by: Anooshah Valyani

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