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Uneesh & Aashna's Wedding in Baroda, India

Two best friends falling in love is the sweetest thing ever! Uneesh and Aashna’s love story transpired into a gorgeous wedding on the outskirts of Vadodara!

How we met:

My husband and I met in high school and started dating when we were in grade 8. Initially, it was just a high school crush and none of us knew that it would turn into a serious relationship. We both ended up going to London to study for 4 years and that’s when we knew this was it. Our Roka was done in 2012, when we both came back home for our Christmas break and then we waited for 4 years to finally get married. Having grown up and going through regular teenage stuff together we feel like we have seen each other grow and mature, and it’s the best feeling getting married to your high school sweetheart and best friend.

Wedding Planning:

It was rather smooth, especially since I knew what I wanted from the beginning, and that’s also the reason why we started the planning process early. My mum, dad, bhabhi (sister-in-law) & my bua (dad’s sister) were the main people planning, coordinating, organizing and making sure everything went smoothly. My best friend was there for me for every single thing, making sure I was sane before the Big Day. My entire family did bits and pieces, so honestly speaking, everyone was there at every step. I had a few ideas for the decor and clothes and we just sort of implemented those; browsing on a wedding portal landed me with one of the caterers I eventually hired, who turned out to be amazing. All the designers & vendors were very helpful and made sure I got exactly what I wanted.

Feelings on the Big Day:

I was nervous on the actual day right before I had to walk towards the mandap; getting married is a big deal, but I knew I was marrying my best friend after dating for 11 years which made everything better.

Wedding Shopping:

Wedding shopping wasn’t stressful at all, as I was quite sure about the clothes I wanted to wear. I did all my wedding shopping from Delhi – my wedding outfit was from Raw Mango by Sanjay Garg, Mehendi outfit by Samanth Chauhan and Dinner outfit from Ashdeen Liaowala. My mum, bua and bhabhi accompanied me for my wedding shopping as I trust their choices and views.

Schedule of events and outfits worn on each function:

My Mehendi was a very modern affair, more like a brunch sort of thing, so I wore an off shoulder gown by Samanth Chauhan. I don’t like anything jazzy or heavily embellished, so this outfit seemed perfect for the day time. For the dinner, I wore a beautiful Parsi-work lehenga with pearls in an emerald color, which was perfect for the night function and made me stand out since most people were going to be dressed in gowns and indo-western outfits. My wedding outfit was all white since I wanted my jewelry to stand out against it and I didn’t want any typical colors – it was a beautiful hand-woven Banarasi lehenga by my favorite designer Sanjay Garg.

All my events were quite coordinated in terms of one color that I wanted in all the functions – gold. For the brunch Mehendi, it was black and white stripes with floral, and for the dinner it was midnight blue with gold accents – both these events had contemporary décor. For the wedding, it was traditional with lots of marigold flowers, red roses and gold accents. 


Wedding Venues:

The venue were all different parts of our private farmhouse. For the Mehendi, it was set against the house and the swimming pool, for the Cocktail we did it in the middle of nowhere in a valley-like setting and the Wedding was near another part of the farmhouse. I always wanted the mandap to be in the middle of the swimming pool with lots of diyaas floating around and that’s exactly what we did.

Performers & Performances:                                                                

We are not too much into performances and choreographed dances but we did have a very short performance at the Mehendi. While my girlfriends and I danced on two of my favorite songs – ‘Banno tera swagger’ from the movie Tanu Weds Manu Returns and ‘Cheap Thrills’ by Sia, my husband and the boys danced to ‘Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi’ from Airlift and ‘Kaala Chashma’ from Baar Baar Dekho (my husband’s favorite songs). My mum and my aunts did the cutest dance on ‘Navrai Majhi’ from English Vinglish and ‘Nachde Ne Saare’ from Baar Baar Dekho.

Few words on the photographer, videographer, hair/make-up artist, bartenders and DJ:

All my vendors were absolutely brilliant! I can’t thank them enough for everything they did and I would definitely recommend them to anyone getting married.

Photographer: Pooja Joseph is the best in the market for candid photography. She takes stunning pictures.

Videographer: Bhavesh Vyas was very good and didn’t take away our highlight while shooting (it gets very annoying when they are in front of everything that is happening and no one can see anything)!

Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist: Meeta Choksi was amazing – she gave me the best looks at all the events without making me look like an over decorated cake. She applied natural makeup and listened to what I wanted the look to be like while giving her own advice.

Henna Artist: Neeta Verma is the best in my city. She gave me the perfect mix of modern and traditional mehendi, and I loved it even though I am not a big fan of henna.

Caterer: For the Mehendi function and dinner, we hired Eat Drink Design from Bombay, who were simply amazing. For the Wedding, we had Varsha caterers from Vadodara to cater for us as we wanted traditional Gujju food and they nailed it. 

Wedding Cards:

Advice for to-be-weds (one or two sentences):

No two people agree on everything, and that’s okay, but it’s important to be okay with each other’s differences. Take each day as it comes and in the end, just remember, you got married because you love that person, so laugh and love a little more each day.

Photographer: Pooja Joseph
Videographer: Bhavesh Vyas
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Meeta Choksi
Henna Artist: Neeta Verma
Caterer: Eat Drink Design (Mumbai) and Varsha caterers (Vadodara)
Venue: Private Farmhouse on the outskirts of the city of Vadodara, Gujarat