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Umesh & Shivani's Wedding in Diani, Kenya

From African acrobats and Hawaiian themes, to Belly Dancers and Masquerade Balls, Umesh and Shivani's wedding at Diani Beach in Kenya was nothing less than grand!


How we met:

Umesh and I have known each other since we were around 4 years old. Our fathers have been best friends since then. After being friends for over 10 years, he asked me out on the 26th of July, 2014. We dated for a while and Umesh proposed to me at the Sankara Hotel in Nairobi on the 20th of March, 2015.


Wedding Planning:

Wedding planning was a fun process for both us, even though it got a bit stressful from time to time. Umesh and I worked well as a team and came up with several ideas, which we used for the wedding. Zohra Chatur of Anna Banana’s Limited helped us execute all these ideas.

decor welcome dinner






Feelings on the Big Day:

The wedding day was a beautiful day for me. Everything was perfect and I was not nervous at all, because I knew this was the day I had been waiting for a very long time.











Wedding Shopping:

All the wedding shopping was done from Mumbai, India. My wedding outfit was from Bawree Fashions and the groom’s was from Qora. We went together as one family and enjoyed the shopping process, wherein our parents and sisters helped us a lot.

Schedule of Events and Outfits worn on each function:

Welcome dinner: An African themed event called “It’s time for Africa”
Bride: This outfit was custom-made for me by a local designer called Shenu Hooda. I wore a long Jacket with African beads on them, along with matching Brocade Pants.
Groom: This outfit was custom-made my Lavi’s International, which is a local brand. He wore a shirt which had an African print on it, which perfectly matched with my pants, along with green pants to compliment the embroidery.

entrance welcome dinner


After Party: A pyjama party called “PA-JAM-A-JAM”
We both wore silk pyjamas custom-made by Lavi’s International for this event.






Mehendi and Pool Party: Hawaiian Themed
Bride – A long floral skirt and a crop top.
Groom: Hawaiaan shirt along with shorts.



Sangeet: This was an awards themed Sangeet called “UMESHIVANI AWARDS” and the dress code was blue for men and green for women.
I wore a green Lehenga by Roopkala and Umesh wore a blue Sherwani by Manat.


full-length sangeet

Wedding: The theme for this day was Flower power.
I wore a maroon and gold Lehenga by Bawree Fashions and Umesh wore a matching Sherwani by Qora.



Reception: The Masquerade Ball.
I wore a gown by Samrath and Umesh donned a suit made by Lavi’s International.


Wedding Venues:

We wanted a venue that not many people had seen before and was also a beach destination. As we had already decided to do the wedding in Diani, we had the beach destination part covered. After this, we had a look at a few resorts in Diani and the only one that seemed to attract us was Swahili Beach resort. This place was perfect – it had space for our events, the rooms were spacious and it was a beautiful property. It was perfect for the kind of wedding we wanted.

more-decor sangeet

Performers and Performances:

While the fire breathers and African acrobats entertained us for the Welcome Dinner, the Hula girls performed for us at the Hawaiian pool party, where we had kept a palmist as well. For the Sangeet, we had all our family members and friends perform on various dance numbers for us. For the Reception, we had kept a few Belly dancers to entertain the guests.






Advice for to-be-weds:

Plan as much as you can before the wedding, but during the wedding sit back, relax and enjoy each moment as much as you can. These are your days and they will never come back.


Photography/Videography: Jiten Photography
Wedding Planner: Zohra Chatur (Anna Banana’s Limited)
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Kits Bridal (all wedding functions) and Nikita Gurnani (photoshoots)
Henna Artist: Dilshad Jiwani Halla
DJ’s: DJ Deshal

Photo Courtesy: Jiten Photography