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Top Romantic Sites in Budapest

Buda and Pest are two sides of a river with stark opposite topography: one has rolling hills while the other is a flat plain. And yet, even with their contradictory characteristics, they join to form an enchanting capital city, Budapest. Not too different from a perfect couple, right?

Romantic-Budapest the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Catherine Caldwell

Budapest is one of the most romantic cities in Europe, often described as the Paris of Eastern Europe. Yet, its more compact, less-touristy nature provides a quaint, wistful charm that makes it the ideal destination for a pair of lovebirds. With cobbled streets, myriads of statues dotting the city, churches on every street corner, and enthralling architecture, not to mention a hilltop castle that resembles a fairytale picture-book, Budapest has everything to offer to a romantic at heart.

Fisherman’s Bastion and Castle Hill

Photo Source: Mark Gregory Photography

What is more romantic than being transported to the land of fairytales, magic, turrets and winding staircases? Atop Castle Hill rests the sprawling Castle, exuding magnificence and awe to every passerby. Get lost among the cobbled stones and find yourself at Fisherman’s Bastion, wherein amongst structures, arches, and a cathedral of white Gothic architecture you get to witness a matchless view of the Parliament across the Danube, with Pest sprawling behind.

Gellert Hill

gellert hill the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Yohsuke Ikebuchi

Take a gorgeous hike to the top of Gellert Hill to the Citadel, the highest point one can view the city from. Not only will you be rewarded for your hike by an excuse to hold hands as you steady your love, but will also receive a spectacular, and arguably the best, view of the sprawling city below, with its lights, river, and resplendent bridges. Thank me later!

Opera House

Photo Source: Ken Kaminesky Photography

Princes, princesses and courtship… indulge in the drama of medieval court romance and watch a musical or a ballet in the magnificent Opera House to transport yourself to 19th century luxury. Perfect for a fancy date to impress your lady, deck up in gowns and jewels, and play royalty.

Thermal Baths

People in outdoor pool at Széchenyi.

Photo Source: Lonely Planet

Treat yourself to a hot thermal bath with your loved one, where you both can unwind for a couple of hours while soaking up medicinal benefits. While there are many baths throughout the city, choose from the Turkish Rudas Baths, which are the oldest in the city and date back to 16th century Ottoman Occupation, or the famous Szechenyi Baths.


river cruise in budapest the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Sound of Music Tour

Bored of typical dinners? Opt for something unique for that special someone and go for a lovely dinner cruise, while the exquisite sights of the city glide past, begging for your attention while you can’t move your eyes from your date.

Imagine a walk through the cobbled streets, with a coffee stop with your loved one in one of the many street cafes; imagine a stroll along the Danube, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the glint of the setting sun on the river, crowning the castle in a warm orange fire with the hills of Buda rolling behind; and once the lights on the bridges, castle, and monuments illuminate the city, imagine enjoying a candlelight dinner for two along the river bank, with live folk music floating through the air. Nothing short of a romantic movie, is it!?!

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