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Top 5 Health & Fitness tips for the lead up to the Big Day!

1. Eat Healthy.

Photo Source: Shape Magazine

Good nutrition is essential when preparing your body and mind for your wedding day. As the Big Day approaches, you may feel the urge to eat more junk food to help ease any stress out, but be mindful when choosing what you eat. The more natural and nutritious food you eat (Yup, I’m talking about those fruits, veggies & wholegrains!), the better your skin will be, the more energy you will have and your mind will also benefit in a positive way.

2. Stay hydrated.

Photo Source: Ecouterre

For many of us, if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind, and it’s not until we get thirsty that we reach for a drink. However, being thirsty is one of the first signs that you’re already de-hydrated. Skip the fizzy drinks and try to drink plenty of water – yes I know it’s not the tastiest drink, but if you add some lemon and fresh mint, it can be pretty yummy and refreshing! Staying well hydrated not only helps cleanse toxins from your body and keep your skin soft, it also helps with muscle and joint function and boosts brain activity and your mood.

3. Move more.

Photo Source: Huebner Chiropractic

Do you have an active job or are you sitting at a desk most of the day? How many times a week do you exercise at a moderate to intense level? If you live a fairly sedentary life and don’t exercise much, then it’s time to start. Many brides have a goal of losing weight and although exercise will help to reach the primary goal, exercising is also essential for optimal heart health, well-being and bone & muscle density. Setting strong foundations now for your future will enable you to reap the rewards later on in life too!

4. Set goals.

Photo Source: Grounded & Surrounded

Exercising without a goal isn’t great for motivation. If we have something to aim for and record our progress on the journey, then it’s much more rewarding and who knows, you may even start to love working out! Say you have a goal of losing 10kg – this may seem like it will take forever to reach, so it’ll be easy for you to give up. When it comes to weight loss or improvements in muscle mass or general fitness level, set small attainable goals that can be reached quickly – this will make it easier to stay focused and reach your long term goal.

5. Mix it up.

Photo Source: White Dress Workout

Doing the same workout week after week gets super boring and isn’t an effective way of reaching your goals. Split your workout days into push/pull or weights and HIIT cardio. If you’re thinking “I’m not doing weights ‘coz I’ll get too big and bulky”, please put that thought aside and give it a try. As women, we don’t produce nearly as much testosterone as men so we don’t get ‘massive muscles’ from weight training. You will find yourself leaner and more toned; the other great thing with weights is that it produces an afterburn effect that keeps your metabolism revving for hours, even after you’ve finished your workout!

Submitted by: Jennie Towers, White Dress Workout






White Dress Workout offers personal training and distance plans for brides-to-be who want to get in shape for their Big Day and beyond. As a bride to be, you’d want to look and feel your best in THE dress when you walk down the aisle to  marry the man of your dreams. That’s why Jennie has designed a few fun and challenging workout plans that will help you reach your goals – whether it be losing a few pounds or simply toning up. She also knows how daunting and scary it is to start an exercise program, if one hasn’t already taken part in regular exercise. Therefore, she has created 4 week and 8 week structured distance programs that are enjoyable, will push your body to its limits and give you that kick start you may need on your bridal fitness journey!

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