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Tips To Make Mehendi Darker & Long-lasting!

Ladies, the Wedding Season has kicked off and you know what that means. Besides glittery colorful lehengas and destination weddings, of course, the one souvenir you will keep with you after the wedding is the Mehendi.

the wedding script mehendi Knots and Vows

Photo Source: Knots & Vows

Here are some tried and tested methods to make sure your mehendi color is darker and lasts longer!

  • Apply a Lemon and Sugar mixture

the wedding script mehendi dubai blog

Photo Source: Hennafanatic

This one is the best way to make sure the color is darker!  After applying the mehendi, when it dries, apply the mixture on the dry mehendi with a cotton swab.


  • Apply Coconut Oil

Photo Source: Shalini Gagneja

Immediately after removing the mehendi, apply oil on the skin. It provides nourishment.


  • Scrape the dried mehendi with a blunt knife

Photo Source: Vikram Kacher Photography

Don’t be mainstream and wash the mehendi off. Be smart, and use a blunt knife to scrape off the dry mehendi. Once you’re done with the application, you want to make sure you keep it away from water for as long as possible.


  • Apply Vicks Vaporub

the wedding script mehendi Dream Diaries

Photo Source: Dream Diaries

After removing the mehendi, apply some Vaporub to the skin. It helps in making the design last longer.


  • Apply steam from cloves

Photo Source: Miras Bridal Styling

Heat cloves on an induction stove, so place your palms over the stove to absorb the steam. It will darken the mehendi color!


  • Avoid doing dishes/handwashing clothes

Photo Source: Pooja Joseph Photography

To make sure your pretty design lasts long, avoid doing tasks which require contact with water!

Now that you are equipped with this knowledge, your mehendi will definitely last long and dark, as the superstition says, the deeper the color, the more your “suhaag” (husband) loves you!


Submitted by: Arshi Farid

A TOTAL fashion freak, Arshi is insanely obsessed with discovering trends and loves trying out new, quirky ones. She also has an interest in, well, Bollywood! She has no idea why she loves reading about the happenings of B-town. Every morning at home she would sit for an hour flipping pages of the entertainment edition of the newspaper. She is a movie buff and reviews Bollywood releases every Friday, to the best of her abilities. Guilty of gluttony, she lives to eat. She loves travelling – going around the world in 80 days is definitely on her bucket list. Link: https://ashupdates.wordpress.com/

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