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Guest Post: Tips for Budget Wedding Venues

Deciding the wedding venue is one of the most important things to consider. Some couples want to have a bright and sparkling wedding in a famous hotel, but that will turn out to be quite expensive. Or there are others who wish to have a destination wedding, which is costly as well. But if you have a limited budget for your wedding venue, don’t worry! We’ll help you decide on a cost-effective venue.


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First, you need to decide what kind of venue you want. If you’re looking to host an outdoor wedding, you can choose a public space like a park or an art space or a barn at the farm. Basically, any space that doesn’t host weddings usually or is low-key. These type of places may charge you lesser than the usual wedding venue.

Second, you may choose a space that is out of town or in a small city. Typically, wedding venues in a big city will cost more, but in a small city, you can save your money by renting a space for the wedding. However, choosing a wedding venue in a small city may be quite challenging. You have to consider how far it is and how long will it take the guests to come to your wedding.


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The third is negotiation skill. You need to display your negotiation skills to the landlord or building owner in order to get the lowest price possible for your venue. Do make sure that you don’t over rent the space, as in do try to estimate the number of guests expected at the wedding in order to estimate the amount of space you’d require.

Fourth, pick a good day. Saturday is a popular day for wedding days, so it’ll be advisable not to arrange your wedding on a Saturday. You can choose Friday as an alternative.

Wedding rings and large bills of money

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A useful tip you can use for getting a good price for the venue is not to mention that you’re booking the venue for a wedding (atleast not initially). This is because owners usually tend to raise the price when they find out it’s for a wedding.

Submitted by: Dzikri Padlilah

Dzikri Padlilah is a blogger who has a passion for weddings and furniture. He became interested in weddings ever since he arranged his wedding four years ago.

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