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Tips for Bridal Jewelry Shopping!

Getting married just yet? Then I’m sure you comprehend that jewelry is an integral part of planning the overall look and attire for your wedding. Most brides and their families spend a lot of time and effort in planning this aspect, as it heavily impacts not only the overall bridal look, but also the pockets! Ouch! Hence, it becomes important to use a practical approach before making those anxious trips to jewelers. Of course, brides don’t just buy for their wedding functions, but also include some items as part of their trousseau. Here are some tips to ease down your planning process, and still make you look like a MILLION BUCKS!

  1. Decide the outfit(s) for your function(s)

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To plan out jewelry, it’s imperative to finalize the outfits first. The jewelry can be planned based on the colors and work on the outfit. For instance, if the outfit has dull gold work, then it’s ideal to pair it with traditional/ antique jewelry that compliments the outfit’s glory; a light diamond set, on the other hand, may look like a mismatch. Similarly, the necklace should not overlap a heavy neckline, which would reduce its visibility and effect. Each function should ideally have a different, unique, and non-repetitive look. Hence, outfit decisions have to be a pre-requisite to jewelry shopping.

  1. Research and Plan

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Look for latest jewelry designs via various mediums like Instagram, Pinterest, etc., for reference. This should obviously be in conjunction with the selected bridal outfit(s). Identify the colors, metals, and designs best suited to the intended look of your Big Day, and then proceed to the jewelry shop for further discussion. Prior research would help narrow down choices, and ease the process of selection. Customized jewelry is also an option, provided there is enough time on hand before the wedding.

  1. Money Matters

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Exquisite jewelry can leave a dent on your pocket, so it’s important to create a budget before beginning to shop. Essentially, buffer should be added to the overall expected expenses to accommodate unexpected additions to the bill. The cost of jewelry can vary dramatically, depending on the styles, stones, and metals used. Hence, research comes in handy further which can assist in adjusting the budget.

  1. Identify the suitability and match

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The jewelry should not just be in sync with the outfit, but also the comfort of the bride who is wearing it. Brides should check if they have any allergies from certain metals, so as to avoid unexpected skin reactions later. The selection should also depend on what suits the bride’s face, skin and overall personality, to eventually highlight her features. For example, a long pendant design of a necklace may give an elongated look to an oval faced bride, and hence, she should opt for a wider neckline instead. Likewise, jewelry should also be coordinated with skin color for an enhanced look; for example, dull gold would enhance the features of a duskier bride, versus bright gold can be carried off by a fair bride.

  1. Try to keep it multipurpose and versatile

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Brides (specially desi brides) often pick extremely heavy pieces to wear on their functions. This may not be too practical, as the items may just end up lying idle, unless there is an equally rare heavy occasion to wear it again at. It is best to try selecting jewelry which is adaptable and can be worn on lighter occasions too, with just a few adjustments. For example, there are necklaces and earrings that come with detachable strings that can be adjusted to make the piece lighter or heavier, as per the requirement. There are various designs that allow changeable stones that can be adapted to various colors as per the outfit at different occasions later.

  1. Complement with make-up and hairdo

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Brides should try to finalize their final make-up and hair-do look, before heading to the jewelers. This also has a huge impact on the selection, where colors and designs need to be coordinated. For example, for functions where the bride intends to tie her hair up (like in a bun), she can wear light delicate pieces, whereas for events where she intends to keep her hair lose or open, it’s ideal to wear heavier pieces to make it more visible.

  1. Trials

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Brides should try on various types of jewelry sets and designs that they are interested in to comprehend the best match according to their face, as well the feel and comfort. It is important to have trials well in advance of the wedding functions, to make sure adaptations and customizations (if needed) can be accommodated easily. Ideally, brides should carry pictures/references of their outfit, make-up and hairdo for each function, which would not only help themselves, but also allow the jewelers to suggest ideas accordingly.

  1. Any family heirlooms?

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Brides can check if they are expecting any legacy passed down from their mothers or grandmothers, or even their in-laws. They may consider these options if it fits their desired look before moving onto selecting something new. Alternatively, these designs may also be changed or customized, to suit their requirements. This can not only be a significant cost savior, but also is a good way to re-use and preserve the family’s traditional art pieces.

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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