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This Game Of Thrones Themed Sangeet Was As Grand As The Seven Kingdoms!

Sanjana and Shaurya, a couple from Mumbai, are two hardcore Game of Thrones fans who decided to take their love for the show to another level and host a GoT-themed Sangeet at their wedding.

Photo Source: Reels and Frames

At first, the idea came up in the form of a light-hearted joke, though. “Selecting the GoT theme was, in a way, an epiphany, because it came about as a random, off-the-head funny suggestion. But then I fell in love with the idea. I first thought it could be the theme for the entire wedding, but the very next thought was to have it as The Red Wedding, so I chose it for the Cocktail / Sangeet,” said the groom.

The couple went all in with the theme, and had huge house banners, a separate corner with dragon eggs, a GoT themed cake, an iron throne for the couple, and even a play dart with a photo of the hated King Joffrey. The stage, iron throne and house sigils were custom made in Mumbai and then transported on a lorry all the way to Udaipur, Rajasthan, which was the chosen venue for the destination wedding. According to the groom, the real challenge though, was striking a balance between Game of Thrones and a Punjabi family’s Sangeet and Cocktail.

Flaming torches and sigils guided the couple as they made their dramatic entrance with Winds of Winter playing in the background, and their “closest friends and family holding up swords, [giving them] the feeling of walking through a tunnel,” says Shaurya.

Photo Source: F5 Weddings

Photo Source: Reels and Frames

Submitted by: Tanvi Chadha

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