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This Australian Bride Walked Down The Aisle With A Bouquet Of Doughnuts!

Brides spend a lot of time and effort in deciding the perfect bridal bouquet they’ll carry when they walk down the aisle. The bouquet can be a very sentimental piece for many. But what happens to it after it has served its purpose?

Australian bride, Paige Kirk, chose something more close to her heart to carry down the aisle. Doughnuts !! Yep, you read that right..

Photo Source: Daniel Suarez Photography

It all started when an Aussie bakery held a competition earlier this year. Bride Paige Kirk won herself this opportunity from a pool of brides based on her light heartedness. The bakers knew she would totally nail the doughnut bouquet!

Photo Source: Instagram

She, along with her 3 bridesmaids, carried a bouquet made of doughnuts down the aisle much to everyone’s surprise. And even made it to BBC’s headlines!!

Photo Source: Daniel Suarez Photography

She will definitely have some sweet memories of her wedding!

Photo Source: Daniel Suarez Photography

Submitted by: Vandna Lilaramani

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