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The Ultimate List of Things a Bride Needs!

Falling in love was the easy part; planning a wedding…Yikes!!!

Marriages are said to be made in heaven. But, I still remember the pressure and heat I had to go through till the day I responded “I Do”. Falling in love seemed to be the easy part. The way he proposed was perfect; even the venue he chose was impeccable…sheesh! It was such a romantic afternoon!! All I could do in the first week after the proposal was just gasp at my engagement ring and at that shiny stone on it. My friends even kept an account of the number of times I re-told my proposal story. I’d been pretty happy and had already started planning and dreaming about my ‘Special Day’.

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Once I came out of my dreamy world, I understood that planning a wedding wasn’t an easy task. It just looked effortless and smooth in movies and dreams. And with all the shopping, planning and countless arguments, I couldn’t even remember how time flew by!!! And to my dismay, one of my friends showed me videos of wedding disasters and I was done!!!

On the other hand, this made me extra cautious and more observant of all the details. I created a proper list of things I needed which soon became my ‘wedding bible’ for the day. My Big Day was truly special  and I still have those memories stored in my heart. So, I thought of helping all the gonna-be-brides to prepare themselves for their special day.

Here are some mandatory things and jewelries you need to have for your wedding day:

  1. Bridal Veil

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Bridal veils are the star attraction of a wedding dress. You can find them in different lengths and sizes. I strongly suggest choosing your veil and hair accessories long before your wedding day’s ceremony. Click some pictures on your phone and decide which one you want to be in –  the floor length one or the fingertip length one. This is your special day and will be just yours. So take plenty of time to decide on the one you need.

  1. Rings

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By now, you might be having the engagement ring with which he proposed to you. Having rings on your fingers make them more attractive and sublime. But make sure you don’t wear a lot of them in order to spice things up. Your wedding is already on the way, so three in total including the wedding ring should be more than enough.

  1. Bracelets

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Bracelets are really an optional piece of jewelry you can have. You must choose to wear it according to what you plan to wear for your wedding day. If you are planning for a full sleeves gown, there is no point in wearing a bracelet. Also, bracelets look better when matched with your skin tone.

  1. Necklace

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Necklaces enhance your beauty, especially in a wedding gown. A matching necklace will add a touch of elegance to your dress and hence will be a class apart from the normal gowns. Select your necklace from a wide range of varieties available in the market (both offline and online).

  1. Earrings and Hair Pins

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This is a section where you can get a lot more creative than the other ones. You can decide whether you need a earring with a precious stone on it or a cute one made with a decent material. Make selections according to your dress color and style. You can find a massive amount of collection both in offline and online markets.

  1. Make-up Kits

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Now, this is really an important thing every bride should have in her bridal handbag. A make-up kit is your ‘holy grail of beauty’ and they are not to be taken lightly. Get the best kit you can get in your budget and awe on its premium quality and feel. It’s your special day and you need to look the best. Make sure you check the components of the ingredients present to avoid those disastrous rashes and marks on your skin.

  1. Shoes

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Every girl should have a designer shoe in her wardrobe. If you’ve never owned one, it’s time to grab your purse and go shopping. Shoes are one of the star attractions in wedding ceremonies. A proper shoe that matches the dress will boost the elegance of the dress that you are wearing and will fill you with confidence. Try shoes with heels for your wedding day, but do keep a pair of flats as a backup too, as we all  know how uncomfortable it can get to stay in heels for hours.

  1. Gloves

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Bridal gloves are cute. A glove makes the bridal look complete. You can find a lot in the market with different varieties and designs. Find out the best that pairs along with your dress to complete your attire.

  1. Bouquet

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Everyone wants wedding flowers/ bouquets to be beautiful. So simply rely on the best florist in your area to help you understand the undertones of different varieties and select the best one for you.

  1. Breath Mints

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A lot of brides have said that they got so nervous that they forgot to brush their teeth! Even if you did brush, keep a few mints handy to keep your breath fresh. You’re going to hug and talk to a lot of people on that day. You don’t want others to say the bride has a foul smell, right!!!

Extra tip: Keep White chalks or Instant stain removers

You’re wearing a white dress. Accidents happen. If you stain the dress, use some white chalk to hide it from view. You can also keep instant stain removers with you if you plan on getting rid of the stain right away.

There comes a time in our lives when we meet the right person, fall in love, get engaged and begin planning a wedding. This is a blissful event but it does require a lot of decisions to be made by the bride and groom to ensure that it becomes a momentous memory in their lives. I hope you’ll keep these tips in mind and make the right decisions.

Submitted by: Ella James

Ella is a lifestyle and decor blogger and editor at Lijo Decor. She is a long-time native from Miami, Florida, USA and loves to publish her own articles in various lifestyle-related websites. You can reach her via Google+, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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