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THE DAY WEDDINGS & EVENTSPlanning, Decor & Styling

Contact Number: 00971 50 104 6611 (Dubai, UAE) | 00961 3 406 203 (Beirut, Lebanon)
E-mail: rania@theday-events.com
Website: www.theday-events.com

Rania is an engaging person with a desire to see that happiness in all. She comes from an event planning background and has found her passion in the wedding & events industry after seven years of her career as a wedding coordinator. In the year 2016 decided to open her own Event Planning Business. She’s already completed her Event Management Certificate and is a registered wedding planner.

The Day Events caters to an extensive variety of wedding styles and budgets. Our philosophy is that every attention to detail helps bring out the personality of the bride on the day of her wedding. Every bride has her own character and personality that inspires Rania when she designs a customized proposal for her. The personality of the bride should always be present at the wedding.