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Super Fun Goa Bachelorette With Funky Survival Kits!

Last year this time, it was the most exciting time for me because my sister was going to get married, and we had her bachelorette coming up. This bunch of girls she had finalised for the bachelorette holiday were constantly in touch planning crazy things and cute surprises for the Goa bachelorette. A week or 10 days before the bachelorette, we all started getting surprise pink boxes, now these boxes were the ceremonial bridesmaid invites that she had got delivered to all of us. It was these pink personalised boxes with the alphabet of each bridesmaid on their box, and inside was cute things like a shot glass, a scented candle, some cosmetics and accessories, a picture frame of a picture of each one of us with the bride, a tiny book that described the bond with the bride and a long personal letter from the bride (my sister) asking each one of us to be her bridesmaid and why it’s so special for her, for us to be by her side. My invite was the most special as I was given the huge honour of being the maid of honor, so I had got a beautifully decorated pink box, with the longest message. The invite was so pretty that most of us had happy tears in our eyes when we received it. She gave out most of them personally but since one or two of us lived out of town she had to ship it to us; nevertheless the excitement and reaction was the same. It was beautiful and made the bachelorette trip planning all the more exciting. And finally in October we all headed for this bachelorette weekend with some great memories to share.

Her next big surprise began when we all met at the Goa airport since everyone was coming from different cities.

We dressed our bride to be at the airport itself to give her a trailer of all the fun ahead. Our aim was to embarrass her but our bride to be, the crazy one that she is, loved it so much and happily clicked a zillion pictures in it.

Well post a big dhoom dhadam landing in Goa, we all headed to our hotels to chill before our crazy fun began. Little did we know our bride had a surprise for us too. We all got our “bacholerette weekend survival kits” to prepare us for all the mad things going to happen in the coming days.


This kit had things like party smart tablets for all the hangovers, sanitizers, wet and dry tissues, shot glasses, pins, rubbers, mirrors and little notes from the bride.

One thing we all loved in the kit were these LED shot glasses.

After a crazy night of partying, next morning we were all geared for our big surprise for the bride, that included tees specially made for the bride and the bridesmaids and a special set up of shot glasses and wine glass and some photo tags.

The bride to be was the happiest with all this. And couldn’t stop posing away with all her favourite girls.

On the third day, which was our finale day, we all got royally dressed up in our best outfits for the main bachelorette party that happened in one of the most beautiful locations of Goa – Thalassa, where we had a crazy time and some stories that could never be shared with anyone but the crazy girls only.

This was not the end of it yet. Before this mad time would end, we had a “Thailava night” at our hotel rooms to celebrate her last night at this bachelorette party. The theme was to wear white kurtas by the bridesmaids, beige by the maid of honor and red worn by the bride with mandatory sunglasses for the swag.This night had lots of dancing, some fun games(bachelor party games 😉 and all in all a mad time.

And before it all got over, our bride surprised us with small souvenirs to remember this special time.

These pretty souvenirs had a hashtag to describe each bridesmaid relationship with the bride and she made us play a game where we had to guess our mug from these when she handed this gift to us.

And this crazy party was the last of all our fun before we headed back to our boring routines with a lot of memories and lots of things that stayed in Goa, Coz what happens in Goa stays in Goa, at Divya’s crazy bachelorette weekend.

Here are some more crazy pictures of the girls from the vacation.

And we couldn’t leave Goa airport without a sad selfie expressing how hard it was to let go of the crazy time that we had.

Submitted by: Komal Sirwani

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