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Sonam Kapoor Gives Us Some Saree Draping Style Hacks!

Sarees are the best go-to outfit for any wedding reception. But I’m sure you must be bored by now of wearing a saree the same way everytime. Are you wondering how to repurpose your mom’s old silk sarees without looking outdated?

Here’s some saree inspiration from the style icon herself!

  1. Double Drape

Photo Source: Instagram

Simply pair your block color saree with a complimentary printed dupatta. Tuck it in at the pleats and style the pallu any way you like.

  1. Capes and Drapes

Photo Source: Instagram

Add a little more flair to your saree by just adding a sheer cape on top.

  1. Bring Sexy Back

Photo Source: Instagram

Take your saree game up another level by pairing it with backless or sheer back blouses.

  1. Jacket Hack

Photo Source: Instagram

Make the saree look more formal by adding a jacket on top. You can vary the lengths and the drape as well.

  1. Westernize it

Photo Source: Instagram

Who said sarees have to be worn only the traditional way? Pair your saree with a belt for the extra cinch in your waist line.

Submitted by: Vandna Lilaramani

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