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Selecting Shoes For Wedding Functions!

Selecting shoes for the wedding functions can be one of the most important tasks, as it not only affects the overall bridal look, but also largely determines the comfort of the bride. Here are some tips and tricks to ease down the process!

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  1. Comfort

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This should be the priority for any bride as she has to wear them for hours during the functions, and perhaps dance in them too. It is best to try on the shoes for at least 10 minutes and walk around the store to determine its comfort. This includes all aspects of the shoe, including its heels, soles, straps (if any). Make sure that none of the aspects irritate the skin or feet, as the discomfort will definitely show on your face.

  1. Quality

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Balancing quality with price is an important balance that most shoe-buyers struggle with. However, when it comes to such an important event of your life, quality should be prioritized. The quality includes fabric, design, sole and make, which should be checked thoroughly before purchasing. You obviously don’t want embellishments coming off or heels breaking during those crucial hours.

  1. Budget

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Despite the emphasis on quality, it is equally important to manage within budget for shoe shopping. There are various shoe ranges available in the market and it isn’t difficult to get carried away with all the ‘shabang’! Money matters specifically become more important in the case of customized shoes.

  1. Bridal Outfit

Photo Source: AK Photography – Asif Naik

Shoe shopping becomes fairly easier once the bridal outfit is complete. The selection of the right colors and design for the shoes can then be selected to complete the total bridal look. This is specially important for desi weddings, where the bridal outfit usually consists of a wide variety of colors.

  1. Heels or Flats?

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The number of inches on the shoes can be decided depending on the couple’s desired look and height difference. Further, it is also very important to understand the comfort level with the heels. It is usually safe and better to wear heels that the bride is used to wearing and not experiment on the Big Day. At the same time, if flats are your style, then go for it, so long as it makes you feel confident and comfortable.

  1. Location

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Shoes should be selected based on the location – outdoors or indoors. In case of outdoors, climate is an important factor to consider; for example, high heels would be risky in a rainy or humid weather; casual shoes would be more suited to a beach wedding.

  1. Size

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Shoe fitting is a huge factor that affects the look and comfort on the Big Day. Various brands may give you different fits on the same feet, hence it is important to try various sizes and fits until satisfied with the right one. It wouldn’t be too feasible to slip in extra soles or rubbers at the last moment, as it runs the risk of looking shabby. Alternatively, shoes can be customized to accommodate the right size.

  1. Practicality and Long term

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Usually good and embellished bridal shoes can be an investment; hence, it would be worthwhile to consider re-usability of the shoe in the long term for various other parties/functions.

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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