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Real Couple Tales: This Abu Dhabi Post-Wedding Shoot Is Couple Goals!

Life after marriage can become a bit hectic, and some couples may struggle to maintain the ‘spark’. Knotty Days did a lifestyle couple shoot in and around Abu Dhabi, UAE recently and managed to capture the ever-increasing love of Aditya & Anupriya on their first anniversary. Check out the couple who is giving all of us some serious after-marriage couple shoot goals!

About the Couple

Aditya studied in St. Columba’s, Delhi, and undertook his flying training in Sydney before joining Jet Airways as a pilot on Boeing 737. He then switched to Etihad, flying the Boeing 777 and 787 with them. He loves traveling, fast cars, whiskey and the wifey!

Anupriya is a Dehradun girl and an army child. Cute from the beginning, she was a stewardess at Jet Airways for ten years and this is how they met!

A little about their shoot on their first anniversary: 

“We were so happy and excited to relive all the good times again, but we soon realized how lucky we actually were when we saw the pics. We had never seen those places with that perspective before. Thanks Nikhil for making our first anniversary more beautiful and memorable!”

Little bit about the photographer:

Aditya: Nikhil! The name brings a smile to both of our faces. What began as a casual photographer-client meeting, transcended into a friendship. His patience in handling the two of us is unbelievable!

Anupriya: We want to thank Nikhil and Weddings by Knotty Days for their hard work. You guys were the best part about our wedding.

How this one year of married life has been:

Aditya: Well, Amazing is an understatement! Though we were seeing each other earlier, our marriage taught us how to live perfectly with the imperfections of each other.

Anupriya: It’s been the most wonderful year of my life. Happiness comes automatically when he is around. He has a solution for every problem. He is very supportive and motivates me for everything I want to do in my life!

Places/ Locations visited for the shoot:

Day 1: We went to the old Umm al Quwain Airport, which is defunct now and has two abandoned aircrafts. After that we headed over to a place called Ghost Village, which is like the broken remains of a village. We also did some shoots in the middle of the desert to capture the essence of the Middle East.

Day 2: We spent some time at the pool before heading over to the mountains of UAE. Our main aim was to reach the Hatta Dam in time for the shoot. Nikhil really wanted to capture the rugged mountains housing the dam. The drive through the mountains was beautiful, even more so because of the rains that day. In the end, we chose to highlight the architecture of AbuDhabi, specially the beautiful corniche.


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