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Real Couple Tales: Ildiko weds Krishna

Real couple tales: Ildiko weds Krishna


In the groom, Krishna’s words:

I feel like I’m still dreaming …
February 2015 was the first time I laid my eyes upon her, but was a bit hesitant to speak to her, especially since she looked so polite and decent. We often used to cross each other’s ways and our conversations began gradually. One fine day, I ran into her once again in the elevator (coincidentally), and we exchanged mobile numbers. We chatted for a bit, and I decided to ask her out for a coffee date. We officially met for the first time on June 12, 2015, and I just couldn’t stop exclaiming ‘Wow!’ in my mind. It was like I had found my other half in a moment’s time.

I still remember the first conversation we had… her sweet voice and her courteous behavior melted my heart instantly. Since then, we’ve met several times as we couldn’t stay without meeting each other. As our beautiful relationship started becoming deeper, I noticed we both have a similar character which made me more confident that we can live together for the rest of our lives.

In August 2015, my Princess went to Hungary for a short amount of time, but it seemed like the worst day of my life. This is when I realized that I just cannot live without her!

October 30th, 2015 was the day when I proposed to my Princess at The Intercontinental Hotel in Qatar. It was the most amazing feeling when she accepted to be my life partner and felt like a dream come true!


From Ildiko, the bride:

Krishna and I were colleagues at a hotel in Qatar, wherein we used to have small and formal conversations with each other. However, he always used to drop a hint or two when we used to go out for drinks together, which I used to ignore as both of us were in a relationship with someone else at that time.

After a couple of months, one day we bumped into each other coincidentally in the elevator of the hotel, that too three times! After the second coincidence, he asked me for my number, to which I agreed very casually. When we met for the third time again, I was shocked as to why it’s happening. I exclaimed, ‘Oh Gosh! I really need to give you my number as this is too much of a coincidence for one day!’
Our conversations started via chat, and we decided to catch up over drinks (as colleagues). In the first meeting itself, everything changed… Both of us felt a strong attraction towards each other which was inexplicable. From that day onwards, an intense connection was formed, so much so, that we couldn’t stay without meeting each other. Within two weeks, we broke up with our previous partners as well. It seemed as if our love was becoming stronger and deeper each day..

I think Krishna had told me in the first month itself that he wants to marry me. By the second month, both of us were sure that we had found our other halves and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Our engagement took place in the fourth month that followed, and now as we are completing one year of togetherness, we are organizing our wedding and honeymoon.


Is this love?

Each moment spent together seems wonderful, and we feel like we are twin flames. Inspite of our daily routines, we wish to be with each other and do everything together. It seems impossible to go out with our friends without our partner, because we honestly start missing each other a lot and don’t enjoy anyone else’s company.

We always wonder if this is Love?
Is this what ‘being in love’ feels like?

Because what we feel for each other is too crazy and deep which we’ve never felt towards anyone..  It feels like Heaven! We thank God every single day for bringing us together, and we just can’t contain our excitement for our Big Day and our future as Mr & Mrs!


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