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Real Bride Tales: Feelings

We relay an account of a real bride in Dubai, Riyana Sajnani (formerly known as Deepali Ramchandani), who went through a whirl of emotions from the day she got engaged to her Big Day.


‘Stress’ and ‘Bride’ are two words that go hand in hand. Right from the moment a bride is engaged to her Big Day, all a bride is doing is stressing out (more or less), or, you can say, has become a Bridezilla. Several thoughts run through her head, all at the same time – like I need to lose weight (even though I am in good shape), or this spot on my face needs to be cleared ASAP (even though it’s quite small or unnoticeable); wondering how will I adjust in my new life; I need to learn how to cook in those few months before I get married, how will I handle the new house and several more random thoughts.


According to me, the major stress a bride faces is leaving her house, her messy room, and most of all, her parents – just the thought of living without them makes us cringe. After marriage, people expect the bride to become a different person instantly – a responsible woman. This stresses the bride out the most, especially since everything is new for her and she requires a lot of time and support to adjust. A bride also worries a lot about her relation with her would-be husband – will it be the same as it was during courtship, how will our future be, will I be a good wife or not, etc. As her Big Day approaches closer, the bride-to-be starts stressing about her dress, make-up and looking perfect. She also speculates about the minute details – if the décor arrangements will be done properly or not, and what if the flowers are not positioned at the right angle?!


All sorts of mental strain is taken just for that one Big Day, and once the day is over, you feel like a huge burden has been taken off your shoulders. During the entire wedding planning process, women become very hard on themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. Some brides take up the whole wedding responsibility (from the décor to their clothes) upon themselves, while there are some who just focus on themselves. Whatever the responsibility, I think the right key would be to relax, breathe and go with the flow. Because if you don’t let loose a little, it will be visible on your Big Day. Being a bride is not easy, but it certainly is a very beautiful stage in every woman’s life – it’s a journey that will be remembered for the rest of their lives.

Submitted by: Riyana Sajnani

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