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Raising the Bar!

It’s not just the Band, Baaja and Baarat that make a wedding rocking and memorable. Our old friend ‘Alcohol’ is the one that adds the masti and icing on the wedding shenanigans! Barring the religious ceremonies, almost every function is an occasion of celebration, wherein booze amplifies the festive mood.

Good liquor, combined with some quirky presentation styles, will always ensure that your friends and relatives stay ‘happy high’ at your wedding. So incorporate your wedding theme into these fancy cocktails and crazy shots, or vice-versa!

Photo Source: Wedding ChicksMazel Moments

  • Welcome Drink

Photo Source: Pinterest

What better way to welcome your guests than to offer them a drink AND use it as an escort card to guide them to their seats? Just tie your little cards around glasses of bubbly to show them the way.


  • ‘His’ & ‘Her’ cocktails


Photo Source: Pinterest

Make the bar just as much about you and your main as the rest of the wedding with two go-to drinks, his and her style! Add the groom’s favorite drink onto the ‘His’ cocktail list, and create a mix of the bride’s best drinks for ‘Her’ cocktail list. Put up a fun bar board with the ‘Specials’ to up the cuteness quotient.

  • Champagne Tower


Photo Source: Steve The Bartender

For the illustrious couple, having a champagne cascade will definitely add lavishness to the entire wedding setting. Just pop open a bottle of champagne and pour it on the topmost glass, and watch in awe as the trickle effect takes place.

  • Personalize Everything

Photo Source: Inside WeddingsThe Wedding Bartenders, Brit+Co & Pinterest

Leave your mark on every cocktail, shot, bar, napkins and even the stirrers! Get as creative as you want and raise the bar for the next set of singles getting married in your family!

Love & Positive Vibes,

Namrata The Scriptwriter

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