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Rahul & Tina's Wedding in Orlando, USA

While the world was counting down minutes to 2014 on New Year’s Eve, Rahul and Tina were falling in love. Here’s their journey from face-timing to saying ‘I DO’ in real time.

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How we met:

We met on New Years, when the world was welcoming 2014 with a bang! We started talking on the phone soon after, for about a week straight. I’m from New York & he is from Virginia. Our communication involved constant texting, phone calls & face-timing. He had plans of coming to New York City a week after we started talking. I fondly remember, we officially met & started dating on January 10, 2014. We’ve shared an amazing chemistry ever since & have never looked back!


Wedding Planning:

The wedding planning process was extremely smooth for us. My husband was super supportive of everything I wanted and calmed me down every time I was about to have a panic attack. He wanted to ensure that I get the wedding of my dreams, and hence didn’t let me do any work – I was able to breeze right through the planning! My sisters & brother were really helpful too – they knew exactly what kind of a wedding I had dreamt of and assisted us a great deal in making it come true!

I had a lot of ideas for my wedding and had collected images from magazines and sites for years before actually getting engaged. I am all about the glitz & glam, and I was very clear that this is what I wanted!












Feelings on the Big Day:

I was extremely happy & emotional on the day of my wedding and did not experience a single feeling of fear or nervousness. I was ecstatic to finally be able to marry the man of my dreams & the love of my life!

The morning of my wedding was super calm & smooth. We conducted a wedding prayer in my parent’s suite and as soon as it ended, I headed to my suite to start my hair & makeup session. My dog was chilling on my lap the entire time and became the main reason behind my smile and calmness – she is my sweetheart & an absolute angel! While I was cracking jokes with my sisters during the makeup session, I was getting excited to finally wear my wedding outfit! My closest girlfriends had created a book of handwritten notes for me to read on my wedding day, which included stories about our childhoods and the amazing memories we’ve shared together. It was such a sweet gesture and I had tears in my eyes after reading the notes!

The moment I walked towards the mandap and saw my Prince Charming at the end of the aisle, I knew I was making the best decision of my life! I couldn’t wait to reach the end, just so that I could hold his hand and start the ceremony. The moment the priest pronounced us husband & wife, my heart skipped a beat & from that moment on, I knew I was going to be in the safest place for the rest of my life!







Wedding Shopping:

Shopping for the wedding was the best part! I shopped from Mumbai, New Delhi, Dubai & New York. My sisters accompanied me throughout the entire shopping process – it was so much fun shopping with them, especially since we are all so different from each other and have varied tastes.



Schedule of Events and Themes and Outfits worn on each function:

January 28 2016: Welcome & Engagement Dinner
Theme: Once Upon a Time
Colors: Hues of Blue & Silver
Outfit: Gaurav Gupta


January 29 2016 (daytime): Mehendi Party
Theme: A Colorful Soiree
Colors: Orange, Yellow, Pink & Green
Outfit: Manish Arora


January 29 2016 (evening): Sangeet
Theme: A Glamorous Affair
Colors: Red, Gold & Silver
Outfit: JJ Valaya



January 30 2016 (afternoon): Wedding Ceremony
Theme: Happily Ever After
Colors: Shades of Pink & White
Outfit: Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor


January 30 2016 (evening): Wedding Reception
Theme: The Royal Ball
Colors: Different shades of Purple
Outfit: Manish Malhotra


January 31 2016: Farewell Brunch
Theme: Rise & Shine
Colors: Yellow, Orange, Green
Outfit: Manish Arora


Wedding Venues:

I wanted to ensure that the venue has enough banquet halls to hold every occasion/event, as I didn’t want to repeat a location. I was looking for both indoor and outdoor locations as I wanted to undertake my Mehendi, Wedding Ceremony & Brunch outdoors. Since I love palm trees, I was hoping the venue has lots of palm trees and lots of greenery & flowers. One of my other requirements was that the venue is pet-friendly, as I wanted my dog to be a part of my wedding festivities! I also required the venue to be at a decent distance from both the international & domestic airports, so that my guests can get to the venue within a reasonable amount of time. Hence, we finalized on The Ritz Carlton, Grande Lakes in Orlando Florida, USA.


Performers and Performances:

While we hired a live jazz band for our Welcome Ceremony & Engagement Dinner, the DJ played some mehendi-inspired songs for the Mehendi party. Both the boys and girls side performed at the Sangeet.


Few words on the photographer, videographer, hair/make-up artist, and DJ:

We absolutely loved our photographers & videographers! They were incredible and an amazing team to work with, as they were quite accommodating and understood my vision. I had decided on my hair & makeup artist for my wedding even before I got engaged, as I absolutely loved her work and knew she would be able to give me the looks I wanted for each event. And my DJ was the coolest! He’s amazing at what he does and was able to bring my guests to the dance floor for every event! The parties lasted until 4-5 am thanks to my DJ, who played some attention-grabbing music with really sick remixes!


Advice for to-be-weds:

Take a deep breath & have a drink with your fiancé! Your Big Day might not turn out to be perfect, but it doesn’t matter since you’ll still be marrying the love of your life!


Photographer/Videographer: Castaldo Studio
Wedding Planner: Andrea Grier from Weddings Unique
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Namrata Soni
Henna Artist: Sara Vazir of Sara’s Henna
DJ’s: DJ Sharad
Venue: The Ritz Carlton, Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida, USA
Bride’s Outfits: Welcome & Engagement Dinner: Gaurav Gupta | Mehendi: Manish Arora | Sangeet: JJ Valaya | Pheras: Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor | Reception: Manish Malhotra | Farewell Brunch: Manish Arora