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Rahul & Drishti's Engagement in Manila, Philippines

Drishti’s version:

We met at a Dubai couple’s wedding in Bali where we got introduced by our parents, who were friends from before, although I didn’t know Rahul personally until that day. This was around February 2015, after which we didn’t really stay in touch till I planned to undertake my internship in Dubai. My university required one international internship and I had chosen Dubai, wherein I got accepted in Apparel Group. Soon enough, I dropped Rahul a message on Facebook stating my arrival and started asking him questions about Dubai. He invited me for his birthday party, which was five days after my arrival in Dubai (June 25, 2016), but I didn’t know too many people there and went home early. A few days later, we met for ice-cream and, somehow, we clicked. I eventually started hanging out with his friend circle and he always used to take good care of me; surprisingly, we had many mutual friends and seemed to have a lot in common!

We started dating a few months after that and our parents were really happy about it. They decided to get us engaged and the dates of our engagement were finalized for July at my birth place, Manila.

Till date, we wonder how did we end up together after meeting briefly at someone else’s wedding! Rahul always remembers me as the ‘girl with the key’, because I would always wear a key pendant, and I only remember him by “Mera naam hai Rahul, naam toh suna hi hoga!”

Photography  – Sofjay Media Production

Make-up  – MakeupbyAnj – Anju Dargani

Hair Styling  – Sheera from Tony & Jackey Salon

Drishti’s Outfit – Tina G

Venue  – Sarika ballroom, Dusit Thani Manila, Phillipines