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Quirky Ideas For Wedding Invitations!

Wedding invitations are an integral part of the wedding planning process. Since the details and packaging of the cards have an impact on the guests, why not surprise them with something more engaging and interactive?! And we are not talking about the digital cards and e-invites here; we are here to give you some tips on customizing cards to reflect the individual style and preferences of the bride and groom, whilst adding some fun elements for the guests to remember.

  • Countdown Timer

Photo Source: Until Sunday

A makeshift countdown timer to the wedding day that guests can use to calculate the exact number of days to the wedding.

  • Info-graphic

Photo Source: RSVP Candy

The story of the couple, along with their wedding details, can be interestingly presented as an info-graphic – a refreshing break from the regular text on wedding cards.

  • Engrave

Photo Source: Marcelo Goncalves Miguel

Invitations can be engraved on various materials depending on the budget, like acrylic sheets, glass, mirror, etc. Additionally, the envelopes can be designed for this specifically.

  • Moving Compass

Photo Source: Pinterest

A movable wheel on the card showing the various wedding details will make this option an interactive one.

  • Scratch Wedding Invitations

Photo Source: Bespoke Bride

How about getting your guests to scratch their invitation details?!

  • Wedding Recipe

Photo Source: Creative Market

For the foodies and inner chefs, a wedding recipe could be a quirky invitation. This can be presented on a chopping board.

  • Blow up Invitations

Photo Source: Shireen Louw

Guests can now literally ‘blow up’ their invitations and even use it as a piece of decoration and a wedding reminder in their homes.

  • A ‘Match’ made in Heaven

Photo Source: Po Tweet Design

Surprise your guests with some hot and flaming invitations. Caricatures would add to the quirky and colorful look of the invitation.

  • Destination wedding

Photo Source: Invitation Cards

A passport invitation to a destination wedding can also be a unique way to invite guests. This can be paired with a boarding pass containing the itinerary.

  • Bird Cages

Photo Source: Weddbook

Invitations can be elegantly rolled into vintage and contemporary bird cages, to give a more classic feel.

  • 3D experience

Photo Source Polka Dot Bride

Why not build excitement about the card, with 3D card content paired with 3D glasses that can be used for viewing?!

  • The Wedding Game

Photo Source: Simran Monga

How about converting a wedding invitation in such a way that it can be used as a board game too? Ludo would be apt for this one!

Hope that your wedding invitations will bring as much excitement as the wedding itself.

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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