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Quirky Ideas for Mehndi Décor!

Here are some exciting ideas to quirk up your Mehendi décor and get away from the conventional ways to leave your guests awed!

  1. Tyres

Photo Source: The Con Artists

A colorful twist to use the otherwise monotone tyres; these can be used as back-drops for quirky photos, can be hanged to create swings, or just used as seats by adding cushions.

  1. Paper Fans

Photo Source: Purple Tree Event Solutions

These are some of the easiest and cost effective décor ideas. The colors can be tweaked according to the theme, and can easily become popular with the guests as a photo spot.

  1. Gota

Photo Source: Rani Pink

Gota could be a refreshing break from the regular flower decorations at a Mehndi. They add shine, sparkle and color to the event, besides being affordable and long-lasting. These can be hung from the top as well as added to walls.

  1. Dream Catchers

Photo Source: Vintage Nutters

These add fun to any décor, especially when combined with regular flower decoration (genda phool). Adding an Indianized touch to these dream catchers would keep up with the Mehendi theme, too.

  1. Bridal Kalire

Photo Source: Wedding Photo DiaryPrism Lens Photography

These interesting pieces of jewelry can be used in different ways surprisingly, besides being left for a tradition at the end. They can be combined with flowers to give a more traditional touch.

  1. Flower props

Photo Source: Guilty Bytes & Shutter Down

A quirky twist to the usual photo-booth props could include those with flowers.

  1. Umbrellas

Photo Source: Ever After Guide, Fiona Kelly Photography & Waamos Events

Colorful umbrellas can add the extra bit of glamour to any Mehendi function. Though it can be used through any season, it specifically adds the quirky touch during monsoons.

  1. Bangles

Photo Source: The Brunette Diaries & Pinterest

Bangle décor can bring a sparkly, colorful and traditional touch to the function.

  1. Pinwheels

Photo Source: Elusive Dreams & White Water Events

Various vibrant pinwheels can be added with single or multiple colors.

  1. Parandas or Parandis

Photo Source: Weddingz.in

Who thought that a colorful hair accessory could be used as an interesting piece of décor.

Submited by: Sana Iqbal

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