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Parth & Stuti's Wedding in Baroda, India

Parth and Stuti's story is a classic example of 'What's meant to be, will always find its way'! She was annoyed by his presence in their first meeting itself, but they ended up dating for 8 years in long distance and finally celebrated their unison in Baroda.

How we met:

Whenever someone asks me this question, I start off by saying, the story is as filmy as it gets! Me and Parth (we call him Raj) are family friends, and therefore we met at the age of 3 in India. As years passed by, Parth moved to Delhi with his parents, since his dad had a transfer from work, but I stayed back in Baroda with my parents. Through my family’s several amazing trips to Delhi, each summer, me and Parth got to spend some time with each other and became friends. Let me say this though, like any other filmy story, I was always annoyed by him and not at all fond of him during my teenage years (dating him was not even an option then). But as years passed by and as they say, if its meant to be, destiny finds its way, be it coincidence or destiny, our families moved to USA in New Jersey at the same time in 2008. Since we were both new in the States, we started to hang out and met each other more often. We never expected this, but we became best friends in our freshman years of school. Soon, he moved to Atlanta as he got admission in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech and I stayed back in Jersey. We broke up in the first year as “ long distance never works”, but continued talking as friends, since we were best friends to begin with. After countless number of fights and breakups, we did not admit it but we were in a long distance relationship. I don’t know how and, as ironic as it sounds, long distance brought us much closer and we started to appreciate the relationship and how much we liked each other. Yes, we met each other only few times in a year, but when we met it was special. It took endless number of trips together when we were dating and that 8 years of long distance relationship to finally bring us together as soulmates on January 20, 2017.


Wedding Planning

We decided we wanted our wedding to be at the place where our roots were and that was India. We knew it would be hard and stressful, but we have an amazing set of parents, who did everything they could to make it magical and more than anything that I expected it to be. Our entire family flew down from USA to Baroda for our wedding. We got ideas from Instagram and Pinterest and our parents helped us plan everything. We went to India one year before the wedding to reserve the venue, design the clothes and the jewelry.

Feelings on the Big Day:

We were more than happy. The day we had always dreamt of was truly magical in reality. I thought I will be nervous, but I was not. I still remember, as soon as me and Parth saw each other, both of us thought about the exact moment we met and how far we have come. It was happiness that felt like pure bliss! Our families were overjoyed and it seemed like they were one big family dancing together and celebrating our love and ‘us’. Before the wedding, I always thought about what can marriage change between us but, after taking the vows, both of us were speechless – it was so magical! It all made sense and suddenly it felt like it was meant to happen. I can safely say that, after the vows, it was happiness in its purest form.

Wedding Shopping:

I got all my clothes from Delhi, and Kasab Boutique in Baroda, with the help of my sister and mom. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible. I would suggest shop for your wedding attire 8 months in advance and do the trials one month before the wedding.

Schedule of events and outfits worn on each function:

Jan 18 – Sangeet; I wore an Indo-western gown

Jan 19 – Mehendi

Jan 20 – Wedding; I opted for a lehenga

Jan 21 – Reception; I chose an Indo-western gown for this function

Wedding Venues:

We wanted an outdoor venue and anything that was in the outskirts of the city. Hence, we decided on Nakshatra Party Plot, Baroda.

Performers and Performances:

Our sisters, family and friends performed for us and we also did a couple dance. We had the DJ too, so that everyone could dance in the end.

Few words on the photographer, videographer, hair/make-up artist, bartenders and DJ:

Photographer and Videographer – Ami video; For candid shots we chose Pooja Joseph Photography – both were amazing! The pictures and the wedding video came out just the way we wanted it to.

Advice for to-be-weds (one or two sentences):

Just be honest with each other, and don’t be overwhelmed on the wedding day. Just remember to have fun because this day and time will never come back and you will cherish it forever.

Photographer/Videographer: Pooja Joseph Photography and Ami Video (New Jersey)
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Hem Lady beauty parlour (Baroda)
DJ: DJ Rizvi
Venue: Nakshatra Party Plot, Baroda