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INTERVIEW: Noreen ShehryarMakeup Artist

Starting as a model in Karachi, Noreen Shehryar is now a well-­known makeup artist and hairstylist in Dubai. We speak to her about her personal and professional life, her makeup styles and what makes her clients happy.


Noreen, where are you from and how long have you been working as a professional make­up artist?

I have been working as a makeup artist for almost 7 years now and I’m so glad and proud of being a self­taught artist! I started as a model in Karachi, and used to get really inspired with the MUAs I worked with. Although I landed in trouble many a times, I would politely notify them about their flaws! After leaving the Airline industry as a cabin crew in 2006, I started my extensive course for hairstyling, hairdressing and general hygiene (learning about different skin types, skin problems…etc.) and salon management from The Cleopatra & Steiner Beauty Training Centre, Wafi, Dubai.

Which makeup style do you love the most and what is it that inspires you to get to work every morning?

I would say in my signature makeup style, I put more attention on contouring and enhancing my client’s features. I love everything about my work; it’s my passion to create new looks and new hairstyles that drives me. And it’s because of this passion that I can stand for hours at end – tiredness takes a backseat then.


Why should future brides hire you as their official bridal hair and makeup artist – how will they benefit and how do you build their trust?

Well there are several ways brides can benefit from hiring me! One would be that I’d make them look pretty and the best as compared to the look other MUA’s would give her, because I go skin deep first to dig the problematic areas that require attention by applying scrubs or creams. This also gives them smoother skin and sets the base for flawless makeup. Maintaining trust between my clients is the most important factor of this business! Because at the end of the day making someone look beautiful & fresh is not an easy task and to build up that trust to make them look the way they want carries a significant role. I feel a MUA and a bride share a personal relationship; brides have a lot of expectations from a MUA/stylist ­ and you have to come to their level to understand rather than imposing your own ideas and style unless they give you the freedom to do whatever you want to do!


Tell us about any exciting wedding/ events you’ve attended or are looking forward to, along with your favorite wedding location in the UAE.

Each wedding is exciting for me because firstly it encourages me to follow my passion and secondly I make some good contacts by building a good relationship with my brides. I always find it pleasurable & exciting to give different looks to the bride. But Atlantis is easily my favorite wedding location in the UAE.


Any specific time you remember which taught you a lot as an artist, and what did you learn from it?

Well, to be honest my most memorable day was also the toughest day of my life where I had to style three brides in one day! Do you think it’s possible? Yes! Because it was a Christian wedding in the morning, followed by Nikaah in the afternoon and a Hindu wedding in the evening! Exciting enough! That night I couldn’t sleep properly because of the adrenaline rush!

Are there any tips or advice you give to your brides to make them look their absolute best on their special day? Also, what beauty regime should they follow?

Sleeping well is on top of the priority list, along with eating well and drinking plenty of water and fresh juices and indulging in light yoga or pilates to keep oneself relaxed & fit. For their beauty regime, I’d suggest not to go for expensive stuff; rather look for beauty creams with aloe vera, and scrubs and toners of the same brand.

Contact Number: 00971 50 7281559
E-mail: noreen.shehryar@gmail.com