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Nitesh & Varsha's Wedding in Jaipur, India

From being neighbours to residing in two different parts of the world, Nitesh and Varsha’s is a love story arranged by their parents and celebrated in a lavish fort in Jaipur!

How we met:

Nitesh is my cousin Sourabh’s best friend; we were neighbours in our hometown Jaipur, but I have been living in Dubai for the past 15 years and Nitesh has been residing in Sydney for the past 8 years until last year. So every time I visited Jaipur, I would get to see his family but not him because our India trips never clashed.

When I was in University, we got in touch again, thanks to the power of social media! We started chatting, and exchanged numbers too and became good friends. I had always been inclined towards him but wasn’t sure if he was keen too, because he would never openly express his feelings. All his close friends knew about me and vice-versa.

When I was in University, my grandmother told me that she thought he was a good match for me. She kept whispering her wish to my parents and other members of the family. A few years later, even our families became interested, and both our moms planned to make us meet. In April 2015, he came down to Jaipur and my mom asked me to go see him, but I told her that I will only go if he asks me to come down to India. And that was it! I received a text from him if I can come see him, and I agreed. On the first day, we went for a dinner date, followed by an outing to a resort with all my cousins the next day. On that same night, he told me that he already confessed to his parents that he wants to marry me. I froze for a few seconds and then rebuked that I haven’t told mine anything yet. Next day, my parents, who were in Dubai at that time, received a call to come down to Jaipur. The Roka was fixed for the very next day after my parents flew down. The funny part is that my parents met him after everything was already fixed!

It all happened in a matter of just 5 days! I guess we knew each other so well that we didn’t really need time to ponder if our decision was right. Since we had been good friends for more than four years or so, we knew each other’s past as well. We knew we were poles apart yet so compatible. We got married on 10th April 2017, which was exactly after two years of our Roka ceremony.

Later, he revealed that he had always liked me but didn’t want to mess it up because I was his best friend’s sister and apparently he was just adhering to the ‘brocode’!

Everything has its time I guess – when the time is right, all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fall perfectly into place! So yea, ours is a love story arranged by our parents.

Wedding Planning and Decor:

Ours was an intimate destination wedding with just close relatives & friends (basically people who matter!). Wedding planning is a difficult job by virtue I guess, and ours was no different. Difference in choices, views, and opinions in
both the families crept in. However, once we got the venue and wedding planner sorted, things eased down a bit. It was a joint effort by both the families due to which our wedding turned out to be just the way we wanted. Being a Bollywood freak, I wanted an eventful, fairytale kind of wedding and that is what I got, thankfully!

Feelings on the Big Day:

Our wedding day was just perfect! I had my shoot with my bridesmaids in the morning, followed by a couple of ceremonies for both the groom and bride’s side, after which we had our wedding ceremony. I was going through a hurricane of mixed emotions! I felt a little nervous and stressed while thinking if everything will go as per plan, my Bollywood entry, the pictures, feeling happy, feeling pretty, thinking how will he react when he sees me, etc. etc.


Wedding Shopping:

I had started shopping almost one year prior to the Big Day, wherein I explored various exhibitions taking place in Dubai where designers from different parts of the world exhibited. I picked up all my outfits and jewelry and accessories from these exhibitions. I started one year in advance because I knew that I won’t get everything that I wanted at one go from one store. I picked out my outfits from Amit Aggarwal, ANK by Amrit Kaur, Label 24 & Meeta & Malvika. My mom was my partner during my wedding shopping and, trust me, she was the best partner & advisor indeed! Nitesh moved to Dubai on January 17, after which we started his shopping for the Reception & Pheras. We struggled a lot in Dubai & finally Vavci came to our rescue. We got his sherwani for the Pheras and bandhgala for the Reception customised from them. For the Cocktail Party & Reception, he got his tuxedo and suit done from Sydney (some Italian Designer).

Schedule of events and outfits worn on each function:

9th April 2017
Afternoon – Mehendi/ Poolparty
Golden Lehenga from Label 24


Evening – Cocktail Party/ Engagement
Gown by Amit Aggarwal

10th April 2017
Afternoon – Pheras
Beige/ off-white Lehenga by Meeta & Malvika

Evening – Reception
Red off-shoulder lehenga by ANK (Amrit Kaur)

14th April 2017
Evening – Second Reception by Grooms’s side
Blue lehenga by Divas Closet (An Indian designer from Singapore)

Wedding Venues:

I always wanted a fairytale wedding so didn’t want to settle for anything less than a palace! Both our families were keen on a Rajasthani Fort as well. Mundota Fort and Palace proved to be the perfect venue for our intimate destination wedding.

Performers and Performances:

Literally everyone from our family & friends performed on the cocktail party night. It was like a grand Bollywood Award function!

Few words on the wedding planner, photographer, videographer, hair/make-up artist, bartenders and DJ:

We couldn’t have asked for a better team of photographers/videographers and other important members of the crew who made our wedding so special.

Ankit Rajput is a famous celebrity artist. He dolled me up perfectly for all my functions at Mundota Fort! I couldn’t have asked for a better team than his!

Esha Shukla, a Jaipur based make-up artist did my make-up and hair for the groom’s side Reception. Everyone loved her work!

Advice for to-be-weds:

Plan your wedding according to you and both your families’ wishes. Please do not think about what the society will say, because 10 years down the line when you look back, you should not regret thinking I wish I had done this or that. After all, these are once in a lifetime memories :). Also, make sure you dance like crazy! 😀

Photographer/Videographer: Filmy Weddings, New Delhi
Wedding Planner: Satnam Events, Jaipur
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Ankit Rajput & Nidhi (Mundota Palace events) & Esha Shukla (Jaipur Reception)
Wedding Invitations:
Sketch Design Studio (Groom’s side), Jain Cards from Jaipur (Bride’s side)
Venue: Mundota Fort & Palace Jaipur
Bride’s Outfits: Mehendi/Pool Party: Label 24 | Cocktail Party/Engagement: Amit Aggarwal | Pheras: Meeta & Malvika | Reception: ANK (Amrit Kaur) | Second Reception: Divas Closet