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Nailed it!

All eyes will be on your mitts as you put your wedding ring on for the very first time. From matte-finish manis to glamorous glitter tips, it’s easy to see how you (a bride-to-be) can get lost on your quest for the perfect wedding nails. If you’re wondering whether you should wear color on your nails for your Big Day, or experiment a bit and play with nail art, look no further! We bring to you the hottest bridal nail styles, showcasing various nail prints and designs. Choose from understated pale colors, asymmetrical lines and Dubai-inspired bling when looking to add a touch of glitz to your wedding nails.nails the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Reddit

  1. Classic with a Twist

Add a touch of glitter on a matte pastel nail, as it’d look special without being too showy. Works wonders for the not-so-daring bride.

nude nails the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: CharacterFashion78

Nail Art The Wedding Script Dubai Blog

Photo Source: Her Lovely Heart

frenchtwist the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Nicole Stoner

   2. Beautifully Bejewled

Whether you opt for a single jewel accent nail or go all out with an extremely bedazzled mani, you should consider using small decals or tiny bits of gold like a small circular stud at the base of the nail on a sheer and pale color. The simpler the concept of your nail art, the bigger the visual impact it’ll have on your overall bridal style.

the nail artelier dubai the wedding script blog

Photo Source: The Nail Artelier

nail french-ombre the wedding script dubai blog

nail-blog-pink-nails-with-bling-details the wedding script dubai

Photo Source: Pinterest

   3. Lovely Lace

Does any manicure scream ‘bridal’ more than a ‘laced nail’ look? By incorporating a graphic element into a classic bridal look, these manis help showcase detailed lace designs that would make any bride swoon.

lace nails the wedding script dubai blog

wedding lace nails the wedding script dubai blog

wedding-nails lace the wedding script dubai blog

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