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Muf & Zahra's Wedding in Chennai, India

From an adventurous proposal in Dubai to the most romantic Nikah, Muf and Zahra's wedding in Chennai managed to combine both cultures into their grand celebration.


When you think of Muslim weddings, you would imagine it to be a sombre and conservative affair. Just then we (F5 Weddings) spoke to this couple and we were convinced to break that monotony. Allow us to take you through this unconventional, totally awesome wedding. From an adventurous proposal in Dubai to a Spanish themed brunch, an electrifying Sangeet and the most romantic Nikah, this wedding is forever etched in reminiscence.


How they met:

While Zahra was raised in Mumbai, Muf was born in Canada and raised in Dubai. In spite of them both graduating from Warwick University, they had never crossed paths earlier. But destiny had a different plan. While they both got busy in their individual professional lives miles away, a common friend played cupid. Muf was in London to meet his sister when his friend had arranged for a blind date.
“In December 2013, I get a call from one of my very close friends, Alisha, telling me she’s given this boy called Muf my number and that he was going to text me. He called and we met for drinks and I thought what harm can one drink do. That was it, 1 evening with 1 bottle of wine, and what was meant to be a casual meet-up, turned into a 7 hour first date! So here we are, a year and a half later, creating our wedding website. But as they say, when you know, you know!!” says Zahra.
“The proposal too, was a cute one. From the time that I confidently started presuming that Muf was going to propose to me, I had always told him that if it was a cheesy proposal, my answer would be ‘NO’! I know, didn’t take the pressure off one bit! But hey, I’m only ever going to get one proposal. The proposal crew made me solve puzzles and gather clues and move from one place to the next all over Dubai, something inspired by The Amazing Race. When we got to our final clue, I found myself standing on a pier in the middle of the ocean with the Burj to my right and open waters to my left with a box in front of me that had a ring and a note that said “Will you marry me?” He made me work three hours all over Dubai to get proposed to but it could not have been more worth it,” explains Zahra.

Wedding Planning:

Ajay Modgil CEO F5 Weddings said, “Zahra and Muf said that all they wanted was fun. So we incorporated lots of activities in this wedding. The celebrations on the first night ended at 3am, second at 4am and third at 5am”.

The festivities kicked off with a welcome Mehendi lunch which had traditional décor with vibrant pink, orange and green color in domination. The formal lunch eventually turned into a fun dancing affair. The cocktail evening had an English rustic theme with hints of pink. Twigs, branches and birds hanging cages were well incorporated in the decor. F5 had these suave and outrageously talented bartenders fly down from Dubai who kept most guests glued to the bar with their crafty cocktails.





The second day witnessed a Spanish themed brunch titled Viva La Fiesta. Ladies were welcomed with floral tiara and hats for men. The couple entered on a colorful tri-cycle and the bride was fanning herself like a true Spanish beauty. Plenty of games and activities like live Jenga, ring toss, beer pongs and colorful photo booths with kept the guests engaged and most of them seemed to have revived their childhood. The bar menu was crazily designed and named by the couple as JELLY SHOTS which were served in sweet lime peel. Bar backdrop with boozy quotes had people enjoying devious spirits in good humor.






And after all the morning fiesta-ness, the evening Sangeet was full of power performances. A huge 40 feet stage with 1000 bulbs was created. A walkway with 10000 roses was produced to welcome one and all and a huge cutout of DANCE was displayed as a photo booth corner.






And finally it was the day of Nikaah of the uber enthusiastic couple. It was celebrated in one of Leela’s best venues – the Chess Garden. All guests were received with rose water showers and jasmine bracelets. The groom entered with his ‘dhol’walas, while the bride entered under a floral chaddar to tunes of ‘Din Shagana da Chadeya’. Following the traditional norms and rituals, the nikah went on for about an hour.





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The Reception boasted of an all-white décor, with a lot of toasts and speeches from family. Zahra and Muf’s wedding was not a small, simple affair to be forgotten. Surely the guests took memories that will stay with them for long. And we are glad to have assisted to make them possible.



Wedding Shopping:

The bride’s Mehendi outfit was by Shyamal and Bhumika and Nikah outfit was from Dolly J Bridal Collection. The groom’s Mehendi outfit was selected from Rohit Bal’s Groom Wear Collection, and his Sangeet & Nikah outfits were from Golden Boutique by Avinash Punjabi. Tarun Tahiliani provided his Reception outfit.






Wedding Venues:

“We originally wanted to get married in Jaipur but the hotel could not accommodate us. Our second option was Chennai and the moment we walked in, we loved the Leela Palace there – it’s quite a Modern Day Palace,” says Zahra. Hence, this hotel was finalized to solemnize the wedding vows and its graceful décor and contemporary facilities added the finishing touch. Located by the sea, it takes one away from the city life and makes it perfect for a destination wedding.


Performers and Performances:

A local acoustic band ensured everybody at the Mehendi function was grooving till the wee hours of the morning.
The Sangeet night was filled with power performances. An entourage of family and friends danced their way and escorted the couple to the stage in typical Bollywood ishtyle with confetti blasting, singing and whistling. There was a 45 minute performance by both the families and a couple of hilarious pre-recorded short videos (which were called Zuftube, inspired from the concept of YouTube) were put together by family and friends. The videos were perfectly co-related with Hindi songs and altered the mood from laughter to emotional.




Few words on the Wedding Planning team:

The most fun, in all honesty, was planning the wedding with F5. I wouldn’t have been able to pull off anything without them. Honestly, they are an amazing team to work with. If I had a question or if I needed something done, it would be handled immediately. Their responsiveness reassured me that our wedding would be well taken care of. Special shout out to Nandita from the F5 team.


Photographer/Videographer: PK Suri Worldwide Studios
Wedding Planner: F5 Weddings
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Priya Todarwal & Sarita Poojari
DJ’s: DJ Zen
Venue: The Leela Palace, Chennai