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Mohit & Divya's Wedding in Hyderabad, India

Getting married after 10 years at the same resort that they first met at was Mohit and Divya's dream come true! Their wedding in Hyderabad was all about personal touches and fun-filled moments!

How we met:

So, Mohit ​​and ​​I ​​met ​​at Alankrita​​ Resorts​​ itself ​​for ​​the ​​first ​​time.​​ It ​​was ​​at ​​a ​​common​ ​friend’s engagement ​party.​​ His​ ​best ​​friend​ ​Nikhil ​​Madapu​ ​is ​​my​​ Rakhi brother, who got us ​​introduced​​, ​​after which ​we ​​started ​​talking ​​and ​​partying together. Then​, ​exactly ​​after ​​6​ ​months, ​​at ​​the​ ​same​ ​friend’s ​​wedding, we​​ travelled ​​together ​​and ​​that’s​ ​when​​ he​ ​proposed ​​to ​​me. December ​​8 ​​2007​ ​is ​​when ​​we ​​started ​​dating. After​ ​10 ​​years, ​​we ​​got ​​married​​ at​ ​the same ​​place ​​we ​​first ​​met ​​:)

Wedding Planning

It ​​was ​​a ​​year ​​long ​​planning​ process ​and ​​since ​​Mohit had moved ​​to ​​Australia, it ​​was ​​damn ​​tough ​​to ​​plan ​​things ​​on ​​the ​phone, what with ​​the time ​​difference.​ ​Since I ​​was ​​still ​​in ​Hyderabad​​, I ​​used ​​to ​​go for all ​​the meetings​ ​with​ ​the​​ photographers, the​ ​decor team, the DJ ​​and I took care of ​ ​every ​​other minute ​​detail.​ ​Mohit ​​and I ​​really ​​wanted​ ​a ​​personal ​​touch ​​to ​​the ​​entire wedding, hence we ​​were ​​involved ​​in ​​the ​​most ​​minute ​​details ​​of ​​the planning – from​ ​the ​​color ​​combinations ​​of ​​the ​​chairs ​​to ​​the positioning​ ​of​ ​the​ ​LED ​​screens ​​and ​​the ​​seating​​, the ​​bar, ​​the ​​bar accessories, ​​the DJ, the​​ music, ​​the ​​welcome​ ​packs, the​ ​themes​ ​and​​ the entries ​​for ​​every event. Thanks ​​to ​​technology, ​all ​​this ​​happened​​ over video ​​calls ​​and everything was ​​in​ ​sync. ​​We​​ had ​​our Instagram​​ page​​ called​ ‘Mohivya’​​, where​ ​all ​​our family​​ and​​ friends shared ​​their ​​excitement ​​for ​​us and where ​the ​​countdown to our wedding officially began​. Our ​friend ​​Akhil ​​Chimnani​ ​​and​ ​my ​​maid ​​of honour​​ Komal​ ​Sirwani ​​helped ​​us ​​plan ​the entire thing ​​so ​​well. He​​ was ​​our ​​event ​​manager ​in​ ​every ​sense! So,​ ​we​ ​really ​​owe​ ​him​ ​big ​​time for ​​making ​​a ​​lot ​​of  things ​​easy ​​for ​​us. ​​He​​ lives ​​in ​​Dubai ​​and ​​flew ​​down​​ a​ ​couple​ ​of ​​times to ​​check ​​the ​​venue ​​and ​​other​ ​details 🙂

Feelings on the Big Day:

Honestly, I was just extremely happy and excited that the day is here finally. We literally planned this wedding for 365 days, day and night. A lot of our friends flew down from different countries for the wedding, so it was a huge reunion for everybody. The best part was that we had a blast at our own wedding too.

Wedding Shopping:

Wedding outfits can get tricky because every bride wants to look the best version of herself. I got all my outfits within a week from Mumbai. I picked up my outfits from Archana Kochhar, Neha Kamal, AZA Fashions and a lot of other local designers. I had a clear picture of what I wanted for each function and I got lucky by finding them. Luckily, my sister Komal lives in Mumbai, so she was of great help in every way; I don’t think I would be able to shop without her. Most importantly, I feel like it’s not always about the outfit, but the person who’s wearing it and the happiness and the magical glow on her face.

Schedule of events and outfits worn on each function:

We did not have any theme as such for the events, but in terms of the decor we did have.

Welcome lunch – A dhoti jumpsuit

Mehendi – A crop top and lehenga

Since it was an outdoor event, it was mostly a florals theme and my friends had organised a fashion show for me. While I was getting my henna done, my family and friends kept me entertained with a ramp walk followed by some dances. They also planned my entry with a small flash mob at the venue itself. It makes me smile even today every time I think of all the things my loved ones have done to make me feel special. It was indeed a fairytale wedding.

Sangeet – Indo-western gown

Since Sangeet is all about partying and drinking and dancing all night, we decided to keep a concert theme. So we had the stage, the lights and the bar done up accordingly, and the LED screens, the visuals and the confetti and everything made it look like a concert. There was a guy standing at the entrance with a stamp which said ‘Kal se daaru band – Mohivya’ (mohivya was our hashtag). We ended up playing a lot of Bollywood music that night.

Wedding – Traditional lehenga

We wanted it in a traditional way, so it was some gendha phool decor with colorful umbrellas – old school simple stuff.

Reception – Christian gown

We had a proper Christian wedding with the exchanging of vows and the bridesmaids and groomsmen standing with us on stage. This western theme was magical!

Wedding Venues:

We just needed a cozy and spacious venue with good vibes. Unfortunately, Hyderabad does not have any great resorts with good accommodation. So we decided on Alankrita and, luckily, it was available and it all worked out well. Alankrita is one of the best resorts in Hyderabad and the venues were definitely awesome. Later, we realised that it was the same place we had first met, so we were all the more sure that this has to be the right place for us to get married 🙂

Performers and Performances:

Moh and I are really blessed to have some amazing friends who love us a lot. My side of the family was massive, so I had a lot of cousins and sisters performing for us. Our friends and family had a one hour long Sangeet ,with some emotional messages and videos in between and, since we have so many friends, there were just too many performances. It was a total surprise for Mohit and I; we had absolutely no clue what these guys were upto. They had practices at a friend’s place and we were called only when we had practice for our couple performance. We were in awe of how much effort our friends and family put in to come up with such an amazing show. The maid of honour and the best man shared their speech on the Sangeet night as well.

Advice for to-be-weds (one or two sentences):

Every wedding is different. There is always going to be something better somewhere. Do what makes YOU happy and be involved in your wedding, so that there is a personal touch added to it. The key is to have your loved ones around you on your Big Day and that’s all that matters.

Photographer/Videographer: Dinesh Tangulwar
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Aparna Achuthan
Henna Artist: Poonam
DJ: DJ Daman
Venue: Aalankrita Resort & Spa, Hyderabad