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Matching your Jewelry with Wedding Outfits!

Lo and behold! Wedding season is here! The celebration, the emotions, the new relationships… so much packed in one day (or stretched over a week, in the case of the Big Indian Wedding). Of course, you’d want to look more than your very best on this important day. After all, when you are old and have a few wrinkles accompanying your smile, wouldn’t you want to look through your wedding album and relay to your grandchildren about how stunning you looked?

Yes, wedding day means lifelong pressure. But, fret not! We are here to help!

One of the biggest questions a bride has when choosing her wedding ensemble is how to match her jewelry with her outfit. You want to keep it simple, yet you want to turn eyes. So how do you do it?

TIP 1: Pair a gold ensemble with white jewelry


Photo Source: Hindustan Times

Go big or go home. However, to avoid overdoing a gold outfit with clashing jewelry, opt for diamonds or white gold. The contrast will give a gorgeous, classy look without looking like Aladdin’s gold lamp.

TIP 2: Contrast a red ensemble with gold and emeralds


Photo Source: Trendy Mods, Vogue & The Brown Girl Guide

A contrast,  when done right,  like red and gold, makes a striking statement. Take the contrast to the next level by adding emeralds. This combination of red and green, which lies opposite the color wheel, creates an exquisite harmony.

Tip 3: Contrast yellow with green

Photo Source: Vogue

A yellow outfit is playful, fun, and feminine. Enhance the mood of the color by contrasting it with emeralds, rubies, and polka jewelry, transforming your ensemble into a fresh, cheerful look while still defining sophistication.

Tip 4: Match pastels with jewels of a similar shade


Photo Source: Photographs by Siddharth Sharma

For pastel shades, go for gold or white jewelry with stones that match the pastel shade you are wearing. This works lovely for mints, aquas, and light blues. Because pastel shades are soft, the similar hues will complement each other instead of being overpowering.

Tip 5: Match light neutrals with light-colored jewelry


Photo Source: Pakistan Vogue, Vogue, Pinterest & Maharani Weddings

For light neutrals, like blush, gold, or crème, opt for light-colored jewelry, like diamonds, pearls, or white gold, to create the ultimate depiction of soft, romantic femininity.

Tip 6: Match dull golds

Photo Source: Vogue

Want to look royal? Seek inspiration from Sabyasachi and Hazoorilal’s 2016 wedding collections and pair dull gold with matching dull gold jewelry, creating a regal look. Ensure your outfit is not too heavily embroidered to avoid looking ostentatious.

Tip 7: Contrast dark blue with gold

Photo Source: Vogue & Pinterest

Blue is a recent favorite amongst designers, and looks stunning when contrasted. You can’t go wrong pairing this rich color with gold, white gold, or diamonds.

Tip 8: Maroon and gold

Photo Source: The Big Fat Indian Wedding

If you are wearing something simpler, don’t be afraid to go heavy with the jewelry. Heavy polki or gold works wonders with a plain, deep red blouse.

When choosing accessories for your wedding ensemble, the first step is to consider whether the color you are wearing will look better with a contrast or with matching jewels. If you go with a contrast, match your accessories to the embroidery of your outfit or your shoes to complete your look, and avoid pairing detailed embroidery with heavy jewelry.

And there you are, all ready to stun some relatives, turn some heads, and make some jaws drop!

Submitted by: Tanvi Chadha

A mechanical engineering student who loves writing, dancing, fashion, photography, design, sketching, and painting… basically almost any form of creative expression. Also, quite passionate about fixing some of the wrongs in the world. Needless to say, I am a very expressive talker, and have been taunted for having animated conversations in class on more accounts than one. Oh, also – I can be perfectly content sitting alone in a cafe with my weapons against the world: a book, a pencil, and a cuppa frothy hazelnut cappuccino. Or cardamom tea in the rain – Filli cafe, anyone?

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