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Make Your Wedding Tassel Trendy This Season!

  1. Hang tassels from the top of the main stage area for an outdoor event

Photo Source: Aviraj Saluja Photography

  1. Trade the fabric tassels for floral ones

Photo Source: Blankslate Weddings

  1. Ornate your drape decor with tassels

Photo Source: Pinterest

  1. Use tassels for a photo backdrop

Photo Source: Melissa Fuller Photography, Pinterest & Lindsey Ocker Photography

  1. Give your regular balloons a new twist

Photo Source: Faye Cornhill Photography

  1. Add colorful tassels to your bangles

Photo Source: Pinterest, Rani Pink & Amarpali

  1. Don’t keep those ears tassel free

Photo Source: Pinterest

  1. Channel your inner burlesque vibe with tasseled shoes

Photo Source: Pinterest

  1. Make way for tassels on your outfit

Photo Source: Kamaali Couture

  1. Hand out tasseled wedding favors

Photo Source: The Knot

Submitted by: Vandna Lilaramani

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