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Khushdeep & Sabah's Wedding in Abu Dhabi, UAE

From a Persian themed Engagement to a Pool Party with a Brazilian Carnival, Khushdeep and Sabah's wedding was nothing short of a 4-day extravaganza!

How we met:

Khushdeep and I had known each other for a few years but only grew close about three years back. The world proved to be quite small, as despite Khushdeep having been born and brought up in Dubai and I being born and brought up in Kuwait, we happened to have attended the same wedding in Fairmont Hotel, Jaipur! I wasn’t aware at the time that he had attended this wedding until I saw an Instagram post of a parrot at the same venue. It was a very “Kabootar Ja Ja Ja” scene which led us to exchange contact numbers and become our very first memory of each other. Over time, our constant chatting sessions began where we realized further how we were unknowingly connected with our mutual friends from the school he attended and the university I attended (which happened to be in Dubai as well). Upon graduating from university, I would only fly to Dubai once every two months to visit and in this duration, Khushdeep and I became exceptionally close as friends. The funny thing was that everyone assumed we were dating, which included our family and friends; however; this wasn’t true. Our feelings for each other were perfectly intertwined in a long silence that we never confronted. He finally proposed to me on my birthday in the year 2015 and we have been #SabKhush ever since.

Wedding Planning:

Khushdeep and I love planning! However, the wedding planning process was quite tricky for us. Right after our Roka in March, we started shortlisting a couple of destinations. Initially, our wedding venue was Mardan Palace, Antalya – that was one place that we both fell in LOVE with! Due to the political situation in Turkey, we had no choice but to change the venue and plan everything all over again. After seeing Emirates Palace, there was no looking back! We both were always traveling and barely got the time to sit together and re-think over things. That’s when we decided to split the events and take things forward. We had one company handle all the decor for us with two event planners, one for the groom’s side and one for the bride’s side. Khushdeep and I had some ideas that were implemented throughout the events, specifically our hashtag which was the main attraction at the entrance of Emirates Palace. Some other ideas included the birdcage at the Engagement, the truck bar, personalized cushions, sign boards, and dhol at the Mehndi (designed by us), the entrance float, graffiti and dance floor at the Carnival, and much more! We also got ideas from previous wedding experiences, wedding portals, social media, and, of course, the late night discussions with families and friends. It wasn’t that easy, especially since we BOTH were so interested in making things happen for our own wedding but weren’t really able to supervise. To be honest, I barely even gave my makeup artist enough time, since I kept trying to arrange things for myself. Not like I didn’t have enough assistance, but there are always things that you’d want to do on your own.

Feelings on the Big Day:

Oh God, the day I was waiting for had finally arrived! While getting ready, I was pretty calm and excited for a bride who’d only slept for an hour, haha! However, just when it was time to leave Emirates Palace and go to the Gurudwara, the nervousness kicked in – cold feet and what not! I really thought I’d be in tears or cry during our Lavaan, but instead I thought to myself, “I’m marrying the one I love, why should I cry when I’m actually happy?!” It was beautiful.. Everything that day was just SO beautiful!

Wedding Shopping:

Well, my wedding shopping was very exciting and stressful at the same time! My trousseau shopping was mainly done from Kuwait, Dubai and London, whereas my wedding shopping was almost entirely done from Delhi. I don’t think that I would’ve been able to make it through the entire wedding planning process and the wedding itself without the constant support, love and encouragement from my mom and my best friend, Heena. They both were unbelievable pillars of strength through every obstacle I faced and were with me every step of the way, including the painfully long and extensive weeks spent in India for the wedding shopping. Believe me when I say it, that period of time was unnerving and the patience needed to be able to see it through definitely required a positive and protective mom along with an incredible best friend like Heena!

Schedule of events and outfits worn on each function:

The wedding was made up of six events, each being different from the other. The themes, decors and outfits were all varied, especiallu since each event was carefully thought out so that there were no similarities in design, styles or colors in either the outfits or the events itself.

The first event on day one was the Engagement, which was a cocktail night that followed the theme “Night of Persia”. Our entrance consisted of beautifully talented Arabic dancers who accompanied us to our magnificent stage. I chose to wear a stunning Gaurav Gupta gown that had been personalized to my style and complimented the theme of the event, whilst Khushdeep wore an elegant purple-checkered suit. We danced the night away with Sukhbir’s wonderful performance and had two talented DJ’s, Jeff & Manoj, spin for us throughout the night.

The second event on day two was the “Mehendi Sundowner” that followed a typical Punjabi theme set by the beach. We incorporated our culture into our outfits, décor and even had Malkit Singh add to the theme with his traditional music. I wore an orange and yellow sharara by AJSK for a complete Punjabi look, while Khushdeep wore a green kurta bandi by Raghavendra Rathore. Khushdeep and I kickstarted the event with a surprise performance on one of our favorite Punjabi songs – behold, we practiced just the day before! Our families and friends performed on this day since it was one of the longest events.

The third event on day three was the pool party that followed the theme of a “Brazilian Carnival”. This event proved to be a favorite for most our guests, as the afternoon brunch by the poolside with masseurs, entertainers and Brazilian music was a fabulous way to relax and have fun at the same time. This was essentially important as we still had three more events to go. I wore an off shoulder sea blue Mayyur Girotra gown and Khushdeep chose to customize his look that brought out the essence of a carnival themed event.

The fourth event on day three was the Baraat named “Raat Jashan Di”. Khushdeep wanted to step away from the typical groom entrance on a traditional chariot and instead had his chariot on a hummer where his best men, Arabic musicians and a live moving DJ accompanied him. He wore an amazing Rohit Bal sherwani, which I personally believe not many people can carry off as handsomely as he did. He truly not only was, but also looked like the man of my dreams. On the other hand, I entered the venue with my brothers – this was everything I had wished for and more! I wore a Manish Malhotra lehenga that was unbelievably gorgeous and was one of my favorite outfits. We had DJ Aman and percussionist Tarang fly in all the way from Mumbai for the Baraat followed by Badshah’s outstanding performance.

The fifth event on day four was the much-anticipated and awaited event that was our wedding. We were driven to Dubai’s Guru Nanak Darbar to do our Lavaan. Both Khushdeep and I could not have chosen a better place for this Gurudwara is one of the most divine temples in the world. I wore a beautifully designed rani pink high-low anarkali by Rimple & Harpreet Narula. This was an equally favorite outfit as it perfectly reflected my vision of how I pictured myself on my wedding day. Khushdeep wore a baby pink Varun Bahl sherwani, which was a spectacular contrast yet proved as the perfect compliment to my outfit.

The final event on day four was the “SabKhush Night”. This was an outdoor event where the ambience was created with fairy lights to reflect our peaceful union filled with love. This event was a magnificent end to the four-day wedding as close families and friends welcomed us for the first time as a married couple. I wore a dazzling Charbel Zoe silver silhouette gown and Khushdeep wore a timeless grey and black suit.

Our Reception was held in Dubai at the Four Seasons Hotel. It was a ballroom style indoor event that also had an outdoor area keeping in mind our need to have every event unique. I wore an ivory Sabyasachi lehnga that was subtle and classy and Khushdeep wore an exquisite royal blue classic three-piece suit, which matched the ambience of the event perfectly.

Wedding Venues:

I personally have always wanted a Palace wedding and Khushdeep, being the ultimate gem of a person he is, embraced my dream as his own. Emirates Palace was the perfect location for us since it was ideally located for our families and friends and hence, qualified as a destination venue for our wedding. We wanted to do something extraordinary and unique and, at the same time, create a one of a kind experience. We decided to proceed with a four-day wedding, as this would not only allow us, but also all our families and friends to fully enjoy the functions at ease – it proved to be an excellent decision! Although Emirates Palace wasn’t our first choice, it definitely was the best decision ever! We never realized how much we were traveling for one thing or the other, and having a venue that wasn’t too far did us good.

Few words on the photographer, videographer, hair/make-up artist, bartenders and DJ:

Imprint Studio has been with us for as long as we know each other! They’ve captured everything so beautifully – my wedding video still makes me happy and teary at the same time! One Fine Day has surprised me in many ways. I wasn’t really able to give them any time, but they’ve taken some remarkable candid shots!

Chandni has done wonders on me! I loved every look she’s given me on all my events. I’d choose her in a heartbeat all over again – she’s such a sweetheart! Another makeup artist in Dubai that I blindly trust is Dimple – on my Reception, she was quick and knew exactly what I wanted.

I’ve only heard good things about The Wedding Bartenders. Everyone loved and enjoyed the drinks they made – they were out of this world!

Our wonderful DJs did a great job, especially the duo Aman and Tarang – they killed it yet again!

Advice for to-be-weds:

Planning your wedding is an experience of it’s own. You can never really make sure your wedding planning is complete until the wedding is over. A planner won’t exactly know what you want unless you’re involved 100%! Make sure you have a list of things you would need for every event – I cannot emphasize how important this is! As Murphy’s law states, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong no matter what.. There were several ups and downs that only we knew of, but all’s well that ends well! Live in the moment, as you are never going to get these days back. No one will celebrate your love as truly as they would on your wedding days.

Photographer: Imprint Studio, One Fine Day
Videographer: Imprint Studio
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Chandni Girdhar, Dimple Dhakan
Henna Artist: Kundan Mehndi
Wedding Planner: Rana Sajnani
Event Planner: Flower Boutique
Bartender: The Wedding Bartenders
DJ: Jeftin James, Manoj Punjabi, Aman Nagpal
Percussionist: Tarang Singhal
Venue: Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
Outfits: Engagement: Bride – Gaurav Gupta| Mehendi: Groom – Raghavendra Rathore, Bride – AJSK | Pool Party: Bride – Mayyur Girotra | Baraat: Groom – Rohit Bal, Bride – Manish Malhotra | Wedding: Groom – Varun Bahl, Bride – Rimple & Harpreet Narula | Reception: Bride – Sabyasachi