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Just got Engaged? Start here..

Did you recently get ring-raged?


Firstly, welcome aboard on the ‘bride-to-be’ bandwagon – it’s going to be one hell of a ride! Always remember that you need to keep perspective – even though it’s just one day of your life (albeit one of the most important!), it’s mainly a huge celebration of your love for each other, and the celebrations are all about having fun!

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Here’s a list of the first 5 things to do once you’re engaged (apart from announcing it to the world of course!):

  • Set a budget


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This is definitely the least fun and most challenging part of the planning process, but is essential in deciding how many guests to invite and what vendors to hire. Sit down with your parents, family members, or just the two of you and figure out who is contributing how much and what should your total budget be. And you both need to prioritize on which aspects are you’ll willing to spend more on: décor and entrance of couple, accessories which involve customization, etc.


  • Create a guest list


Photo Source: Today’s Bride Magazine

Exhausting and confusing are the words that describe this process – Should we invite our school friends who we were close to but are not in constant touch with recently? What about that aunt who we dislike and who isn’t in our immediate family anyways but will taunt us if she hasn’t been invited? The only way to answer these questions is to remind yourself that it is YOUR big day, and you should be surrounded by loved ones only. Also, following this simple rule helps: Don’t invite people you haven’t been in touch with since the past one year. Don’t forget to use your budget to estimate the maximum guest count for your wedding and to aid with the number of rooms required. Additionally, creating a guest list will later help you factor in the cost per person, a head count vs. capacity of your venue, and how many invitations you’ll need.


  • Pick a wedding date


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When picking your wedding date, you need to consider various things – weather, venue availability and location. But most importantly, you need to envision your special day and ask yourself what you want it to be like – do you see snow-covered peaks in the background or vineyards dripping with grapes and ready to harvest? Do you want to select a date that has special meaning to you or is the time of year more important where most of your friends and cousins can make it (holiday season)? Do select 2-3 tentative dates though, as venue availability may not be guaranteed. But whatever date you choose, remember to give yourself plenty of time and don’t rush it!


  • Find a wedding venue


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Getting a hotel according to the dates that you’ve chosen is the biggest challenge, but it helps in narrowing down your options as well. This is because most hotels are booked six months in advance, while some may be booked upto a year and a half in advance as well (around peak season). So make a list of preferred wedding venues and start researching and touring venues as soon as possible. While researching, contact the hotel you liked and check availability and then book a tour of the venue. Allow 1-3 weeks to tour all your possibilities (depending on how long you have till your wedding date of course), crunch numbers, envision your wedding there, and then book your venue.


  • Choose your wedding style

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Photo Source: FNP Floral Touch

Deciding on your wedding style is mostly based on your ‘dream’ as a young girl, but it also extends to the type which manages to become an extension of your personality. Choose from vintage, modern, classic, eclectic, handmade, rustic, and then decide on the décor, design and details that help support this look and ‘feel’ of your wedding. All this research will eventually assist you in narrowing down the wedding vendors for florals, décor, invitations, rentals, cake, etc. And hey, don’t get carried away with wedding colors or stress over all that ‘inspiration’ from Pinterest. Focus on yours and your partner’s choice and make it personalized.

Love and positive vibes,

Namrata The Scriptwriter

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