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Ideas For Mehndi Favors!

Mehndi functions are one of the most sought after functions by the guests at desi weddings. Colors, music, dhols (drums), dance and Mehndi are some of the elements that define this elaborate pre-wedding event. To enhance this experience for the guests, hosts of the function usually arrange themed favors/gifts. Continuing from our previous post, we present you some ideas on gifting for your Mehndi!

  1. Bangles

Photo Source: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Bangles are one of the most popular gifting items at Mehndi functions these days. Available in different colors, styles and metals, bangles can bring a smile on any girl/woman’s face. It is important however, to choose the bangle sizes appropriately, so as to ensure that most guests are able to wear them.

  1. Hand adornments

Photo Source: Rutbaa

Usually known as haath phool, these bracelet rings can be an attractive and cherished gift for the guests. This can be made with real flowers or be given as artificial jewelry, both of which are bound to mesmerize your guests.

  1. Head adornments

Photo Source: Wedding Style Story

These can include maang tikkas, or jhummars/passa, etc. A traditional classic, these pieces of jewelry would complement any woman’s personality and bring her into the Mehndi mode!

  1. Earrings

                        Photo Source: Sokora Jewels and KO Jewellery

Classic earrings encompassing desi traditional designs are apt for adding drama to any outfit.  Women would surely find this gift versatile and proudly flaunt it. Chand baalis and Jhumkaas are a definite hit here.

  1. Clutches

Photo Source: Daily Indian Roots

‘I have too many clutches’ said NO woman ever! Themed, colorful and desi, clutches are sure to leave your guests thrilled! Various designs, sizes and colors are available, which can be chosen or customized as per budget.

  1. Traditional potlis

Photo Source: Pinterest

Alternatively, small bags or traditional potlis are also an option. Available in various ethnic colors and designs, these potlis can usually be filled with items such as customized chocolates/sweets, or any other portable item.

  1. Gota Jewelry

Photo Source: Nino’s Creations

Trendy, colorful, light and beautiful, gota jewelry is extremely popular with most women. These can include any item like rings, bangles, earrings, maang tikkas, etc.

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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