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How to Choose the Perfect Band for your Partner!?

Love bands or rings form an important part of the wedding process. They are often used as an identity to represent the life-long bond between couples. The following tips should help ease down your process of selecting this eternal piece of jewelry.

  1. Research

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Starting research earlier would help in considering a variety of choices, as well as give time for customizations (if required). Ideally, start at least 2 months before the actual day, to have enough time for reviewing the designs and metals that best suit the occasion as well as reflect the couple’s essence.

  1. Budget

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 Deciding on a budget range helps to keep the choices realistic. The designs, stones and metal selections can be made accordingly. Further, one should factor in any additional costs for engraving, taxes and delivery.

  1. The Metal

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It is best to identify the metal of the rings that are not just comfortable to the skin but also reflect the individual’s personalities. For example, yellow gold is usually a perfect choice for brides and grooms who like to go the traditional way, as they are more suited for day-to-day lives, specially when combined with stronger metals. Further, white gold rings can be plated with rhodium to enhance their appearance; though the plating can wear off over time, it can be easily re-applied. On the other hand, platinum, although expensive, is usually a modern day choice, and is often more resistant to wear and tear.

  1. Together Forever

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It is best for the couple to make their ring choices together. The overall design and effect can be matched to enhance the couple’s personal style and preferences. It will also help to narrow down choices and improve decision-making.

  1. Practicality/ Lifestyle

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Wedding rings are often intended to be worn everyday, hence it is important to choose a piece that seamlessly blends in with everyday lifestyle. For example, if you are in a profession that requires hand-work (for example, medical surgeries, sports, etc), then it would be more practical to choose rings that are more stream-lined and simple.

  1. Long-term

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Investing into a piece that technically becomes part of you should be thought of in terms of its timelessness. The rings should ideally be suitable for various occasions from casual wear to dinners/ parties. The design can surely be trendy, but ideally also evergreen and classic, so ihat it can be worn for years.

  1. Quality Assurance


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Whilst investing in a life-long representation of the bond, it is also important to get all the details verified. Ensure to get quality assurance in writing, where required – such as gold purity, diamond certificates, manufacturer’s mark, etc.

  1. Maintenance

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Consider the effort and time required to maintain the luster and shine of the rings. Some rings, such as those including yellow gold, white gold or stones may need to be cleaned regularly to maintain its stature. However, if this upkeep is too demanding for you, then the more dirt- resistant platinum may be a better choice for you.

  1. Size

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Sizing ultimately determines the overall look of the ring on your fingers, hence getting it right is extremely important. Sizing is best done when the body is calm and the temperature is normal, to get the right fit. Too hot or too cold body temperatures could be misleading to the sizing exercise.

  1. Protection

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Being such a sentimental investment, protection becomes even more crucial. It should be protected from extreme conditions, such as chemicals, dirt, sports, etc. Insurance is also an option for such a life-long investment.

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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