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How to announce you’re tying the knot?!

OMG! He finally liked it, so he put a ring on it! With all the shaadi (wedding) announcements on your Facebook walls everyday, how will you manage to make yours stand out? Read on and get inspired!

save the date

Photo Source: Candid Kama Photography

  • Change your relationship status on Facebook

Mark-Zuckerberg-relationship-status engaged blog dubai the wedding script

Almost everyone is on Facebook these days, including the co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. From mausa-tai (uncle-aunty) to your college buddies, your post definitely won’t go unnoticed! Be prepared for the downpour of notifications though!


  • The mandatory ring waali Instagram

Engaged instagram the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: The Knot

A lot of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities have turned to this photo sharing app to post pictures of their beautiful rings and hey, every bride is no less than a heroine with the attention she gets! So get going gal, post that band!


  • Shaadi ka card bhejna matt bhoolna (Don’t forget to send the wedding card)!”

customizing creativity invite the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Customizing Creativity

Don’t forget the age old chant from your friends who used to tease you and your beau! Nothing beats a paper invite, in this world which has forgotten the meaning of good old post communication.


  • The Hashtag!

hashtag studio works co the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Studio Works Co.

You may have noticed all the “#RahulAnjali” or “#RajSimran” wedding hashtags which people dedicate to the couple to be. Start a social media campaign for your shaadi!


  • Hire a photographer for the couple ki photo (couple’s photo)!

fun shoot dubai the wedding script blog

Photo Source: Little Big Weddings

A lot of freelance photographers would be glad to capture your picture perfect moment! Hire one and design a creative shoot and share away!


  • Make a short movie!

Photo Source: Pooja Studio

Your love story is nothing less than a Bollywood love saga! Do a little song and dance maybe?!


  • Bollywood Old School (Dinner Party)

announcement the wedding script blog

Photo Source: Connie Dai Photography

Pretty sure you remember when the girl’s dad announces her engagement to the villain. Make it less dramatic – announce it at a gathering with your near and dear ones!

There is no definite right or wrong way to announce your wedding date! But we’re sure these will add an edge to the blessed announcement! Cheers!


Submitted by: Arshi Farid

A TOTAL fashion freak, Arshi is insanely obsessed with discovering trends and loves trying out new, quirky ones. She also has an interest in, well, Bollywood! She has no idea why she loves reading about the happenings of B-town. Every morning at home she would sit for an hour flipping pages of the entertainment edition of the newspaper. She is a movie buff and reviews Bollywood releases every Friday, to the best of her abilities. Guilty of gluttony, she lives to eat. She loves travelling – going around the world in 80 days is definitely on her bucket list. Link: https://ashupdates.wordpress.com/

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