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Harry & Gunita's Wedding in Dubai, UAE

Who would've thought that a game of Bluff would bring two people closer!? Harry and Gunita's love story started from there and was celebrated with great pomp in a beautiful outdoor wedding in Dubai.

How we met:

We met at Indulgence café in Dubai through a common friend who had just gotten engaged. We were there to congratulate her, and ended up playing the game Bluff. We had a bit of a tiff in the middle, as I accused him of cheating along with his friends, and so I really didn’t like him at that moment, though I was attracted to him at first sight. We met a few times again after that, and instantly connected. I’ve always wanted someone who could make me laugh, and he was really good at doing that. I was a very shy person at that point in time, and he was one of the few people who could make me talk – a lot!

Wedding Planning:

The wedding planning process was a bit stressful, as I had less than three months to finalise the décor, venues, and clothes. Thankfully, my brother was friends with Menka the wedding planner, from Love Details, so I pretty much left the entire décor aspect to her. I am a huge fan of Pinterest, and got all the ideas of my perfect wedding from there. I just had to share my ideas and the exact themes I wanted at each venue with Menka, and her team took it from there. For my outfits, I spent two months out of the three in India, and finalised everything myself.

Feelings on the Big Day:

I felt a bit of every emotion actually. I was worried about the décor, as it was an outdoor wedding and a storm took place early morning (unexpected in a place like Dubai, as it hardly rains here!). I remember I was in tears while walking to the Pheras, but as I sat down and looked at Harry, I calmed down instantly. During the Pheras it started to rain, and I really felt blessed (and scared that the mandap might fall). Grateful because I always associate the rain with good wishes, and for me it was the best thing that could happen. It was indeed a beautiful wedding.

Wedding Shopping:

I shopped for all my outfits from Delhi and would always take my aunt and younger sister with me for their approval. It was quite stressful, and thank God for their patience as I can be very difficult while choosing outfits – I just couldn’t find the ones that seemed right. I literally had no clue as to what I wanted, I just knew I did not want my wedding outfit to be red.

Schedule of events and outfits worn on each function:

2nd night – Sangeet – Wore a Gown by Nitya Bajaj
3rd Morning – Mehndi – Opted for a Lehenga from Anarkali (Delhi)
4th morning – Pheras – Chose a beautiful Lehenga by Sabyasachi
4th night – Reception – Wore a Lehenga by Sabyasachi

Wedding Venues:

For the Sangeet, we needed a huge hall and Asateer tent at Atlantis seemed perfect. The Mehndi was done at my house, as my family wanted one event to be done at home. I always wanted an outdoor wedding – to get married amidst nature as opposed to one in the Gurudwara. Hence, we decided on Park Hyatt – they had a pretty garden space that we could use. The Reception space was decided by my In-laws and family.

Performers and Performances:

Our friends are all enthusiastic dancers and we didn’t have to convince or force anyone to dance. They came up with their own dances and steps and had a ball of a time doing so. They prepared for an hour of performances, which we had to cut down to half an hour, and that was also a lot! Our choreographer, Munira, was great too. In the end, she became like family, and performed along with the rest of our friends for us.

RDB – we also had a performance by the band, RDB on the Sangeet. This was a total surprise for everyone, including Harry – he is a big fan. The second he found out, he was literally jumping with excitement. The way RDB interacted with the crowd and made everyone move was phenomenal! It was pretty much the highlight of the Sangeet.

Few words on the photographer, videographer, hair/make-up artist, bartenders and DJ:

The Wedding Story was my first and only choice as the wedding photographer/videographer. I wouldn’t budge from that, and my whole family was glad I didn’t, after seeing their work. They were absolutely amazing!
My make-up artist was great. I don’t use much make-up normally, nor did I want to look caked on my wedding. She gave me a subtle look at every event – just the way I wanted. Make-up and hair was the least of my worries.

Advice for to-be-weds (one or two sentences):

You definitely need a wedding planner! Do not stress yourself with all the work and just delegate.  Also, having a great videographer is very important. You’ll be glad you spent that much extra when the videos come out.

Photography/Videography: The Wedding Story (Mumbai)
Wedding Planner: The Event Factory now known as Love Details Dubai
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Malini Ohri
DJ: DJ Jeff (Dubai)
Entertainment: RDB
Venues: Mehndi – Kohli residence | Sangeet – Asateer Tent, Atlantis The Palm | Pheras – Park Hyatt Dubai | Reception – Le Meridien Dubai